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Scotland Sightseeing Attractions by:Jizmack Baraceros

Scotland Sightseeing Attractions   by:Jizmack Baraceros

What most tourists don't know is, the UK isn't just about grand castles and Cathedrals

. Apart from such attractions, the UK too serves as a home to sandy beaches and some museums. Take for instance, in Scotland.

Did you know that you can enjoy the beach sun in Scotland as well as participate in extreme watersports like Kayaking? Did you also know that Scotland is just that exact place that you need to visit before you die if you're a big fan of cars? Yes, Scotland has the pet-friendly Mellon Udrigle Beach. It's also in Scotland where you'll find the one-of-its-kind, The Museum of Transport.

This is the reason why other countries can't match Scotland tourism. Where else can you find "urban" cities with castles and other "historic" relics other than Scotland? The Edinburgh Castle is just one of those many medieval castles that are still standing in the country. Scotland also has a couple of historic cathedrals to brag about in their tourism brochures.

Scotland also shines in the dining and shopping department. The country has award winning restaurants that let tourists experience dining on a skyline, under a line vessel and at a "boat hotel". Scotland too can give you a satisfying shopping experience. It's only in Scottish shops that you can purchase beautiful Celtic jewelry, textiles and knitwear.

The advantage in going to Scotland is, it is big enough to accommodate everyone, so there wouldn't be over-crowding or whatsoever that can spoil your vacation. And also, because the country is "that" famous in the tourism scene, you'll get the chance to deal with a massive pool of rental resources and get big discounts.

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