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Providing Dog Care While You're On Vacation

Providing Dog Care While You're On Vacation

When youre on vacation or on a business trip, the last thing you want to worry about

is whether or not your dog is OK or if he or she is getting the care that they deserve. After all, you want whats best for your dog so thats why when you have to go away, you want to place your pets in the best possible care that you can possibly get. There are a few options and solutions for having your dogs taken care of while you are away.

The first option, and probably the most desirable option, is to leave your dogs with someone that is close to you and someone that you can trust. Your family is probably your first thought when this comes to mind. Chances are they have spent plenty of time with your dogs so they are well aware of how they behave and how to take care of them. Your family members will probably willing to take your dogs into their own home while you are on vacation, which will save you the money that you would spend on a kennel. If they arent able to take your dogs into their own home, then you can simply leave them at home and have your family come to them when they need to. Often times my wife and I will leave town and well have a family member check on our dogs on a regular schedule. This is great for the dogs because they get to stay in the place where they are the most comfortable.

If you cannot arrange care with one of friends or family members, there are other options. Dog kennel or dog day cares are a pretty popular business these days so chances are you have plenty of options to choose from. Kennels are facilities which are equipped to take in dogs for extended periods of times like when their owners go on vacation for the week or long business trips over the weekend. These facilities are usually fully staffed with trained professionals who are ready to care for the dogs. Typically they have schedule activities throughout the day like walking the dogs, or letting them run around out in the fenced in areas. The one downfall to putting your dogs up in a kennel is that they can be somewhat pricey, ranging anywhere from $45 a day to $100 a day or more depending on how nice the kennel is. Before making your decision on a particular kennel, you may want to do some research on the possible options. View customer ratings and reviews on the different kennels available to see which ones are getting the most praise.

Finally if leaving your dogs behind is not an option, then youll have to make the proper arrangements to have them travel with you which includes getting them on any flights that you have to take, and arranging your lodging where pets are welcome. These details must be worked out before your travel begins and can be somewhat difficult to plan. Often times there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed when trying to get dogs on plains and its not always easy finding hotels or resorts that will allow pets.

If youre planning on traveling and youre not sure what to do with your pets, then you may want to consider the options described above. Leaving them in the care of someone in your family would probably be your preferred option but if that is not available, then you still have the options of putting them up in a kennel or taking them with.

by: Matt LeClair
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Providing Dog Care While You're On Vacation