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Prostate Cancer - The Main Prostate Problem

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) reports that prostate cancer is the second most

common cancer among men in the United States and number two of the cancers that are fatal. (The skin cancer is the most common and lung cancer is the number one fatal.)

Later in the age of the person has, the greater are the chances of getting prostate cancer. African-American men have a greater chance of acquiring it at any age. The Centers for Disease Control and Disease Prevention (CDC) said that prostate cancer in African-American men is the highest known worldwide. Family history also appears to have a part to play, with a higher risk than average for those like her father, brother or son has had this disease, according to the NCI.

Finding the cancer all the time is not easy. There is much discussion about the methods of checking and when they should be employed. You should consult your doctor about which method is best for you and when you must be employed. The NCI said that a cancer diagnosis is made from a variety of ways

- A digital rectal exam may find hard or lumpy areas that might be cancer.

- A PSA blood test or PSA can demonstrate a high amount of this substance if the patient has cancer or BPH. The PSA is not all the time is right. This means you can give a prognosis of high antigen when there is no problem, or can not demonstrate a high amount when if there is a problem.

- In the biopsy removes a small amount of the prostate with a needle and is then examined under a microscope for cancer cells.

Treatment and cancer screening

Because the cancer is detected, treatment options vary depending on the age and health of the patient and whether the cancer has spread. Again, watchful waiting may be an option. The NIDDK says that some cancers grow very slowly and some men choose to wait.

Surgery is another option that removes part or the entire prostate. Side effects of surgery vary in the amount removed from the body and damage that can be done to the nerves. The procedure has greatly improved; however, the NIA says that side effects are not as severe as previously in this type of surgery.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS) is an approach called cryosurgery that can be used for cancer that is localized in one area. A probe is inserted into the prostate tumor and the cells are frozen. This method is less invasive but may have the same side effects as regular surgery. Radiation can also be used to shrink and shrink the cancer.

Radiation can be applied through an external beam that directs the dose to the prostate from outside the body. A low dose of seed radiation, about the size of rice grains, can also be used. These seeds can be implanted into the prostate to end up with localized cancer cells.

This technique of seeds - called brachytherapy - is sometimes combined with external beam radiation. As in other treatments, can have side effects in both types of radiation. Also, hormone therapy may benefit men in various stages of prostate cancer. The NCI says the benefits of certain hormonal therapies are that the procedure is easier and immediate disadvantages include diminished libido and increased risk for osteoporosis.

The ACS suggests regular checkups for prostate cancer for all men over age 40. Your doctor may determine if you need to be reviewed at an earlier age if you belong to a group that has a higher risk such as African American or a man with a family history of prostate cancer. Remember that prostate cancer may have no noticeable symptoms in its early stages - but when it is in its early stages is easier to cure.

So talk to your doctor about the examinations that you need now and in the coming years.

by: Mark Clayson
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