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Prom: The Night You'll Never Forget And It Didn't Even Break Mom And Dad by:Rose DesRochers

Prom: The Night You'll Never Forget And It Didn't Even Break Mom And Dad by:Rose DesRochers

My daughter's grade 8 grad is coming up in June and I was eagerly thinking of ways to keep the cost down

. Even grade 8 grad is a big time in a girls life. This is a night for my daughter to remember but it shouldn't cost me and my husband a fortune.

For many parents prom is an expensive time of year and families are struggling financially to give their son or daughter the perfect night that they will remember a life time. Well there is no reason why you can't give them that night but on a budget you can afford. I have put together ten tips to help you save a few dollars. Attending a prom doesn't have to cost a fortune. Prom night doesn't have to break us. Girls the memories of prom will not be if you spent 20 dollars to get your nails done or arrived in a limo. The memories will be of who you were in school and the special times that you all shared.

1. The Tuxedo: Boys why bother renting that tuxedo when you can purchase a nice suit that you can wear again for under the cost of renting that tuxedo.

2. Hair and makeup: Girls the cost of hair and makeup is expensive. The boys are lucky they don't have to fork out this one. Hair, Makeup you're looking at an additional 80 dollars. For makeup call your local department store and see about getting your make up done on Prom day, also call around to your local salons and see if they have a package deal that includes both hair and makeup. You can also save money by having your mother put up your hair. Look at some of the styles for prom online and make a fun night with mom practicing the styles before the prom. You could also get in touch with Mary K and plan a makeup party early in the afternoon on prom day and the Mary K host will do your makeup free.

3. Limos: They are nice but they are so traditional and cost a lot. Why not gather a group of your friends together and do something off the wall. Arrive at your prom on the city bus or contact your school and rent a school bus for the evening and have all your friends pitch in.

4. The dress: Girls purchasing a new dress will cost you 200 dollars and for what something you won't wear again or will sit in your keep sake box. Why not shop on Ebay or your local used clothing store and get a dress for under the cost and then just pay the additional cost to have it dry cleaned. You may also want to check around with family and see if they have a bridesmaids dress or maybe your cousin still has her prom dress that you can borrow.

5. The flowers: Purchasing flowers from the flower store is going to cost you around 20 dollars. You can go to the craft store purchase the supplies to make your own corsages and boutonni for half the cost. They are so simple and fun to make. Make a fun day of it and invite your g/f over to make them with you.

6. The photos: Why hire a professional photographer when you can have dad take some nice photos with his digital camera and you can delete the ones that you don't like. Then you can save even more money by emailing them to friends and family.

7. Parties: Save on the big prom party. Gather a bunch of your friends together and have a fun post prom party. Some ideas might be a pool party or a bowling party.

8. The Jewelry: Girls, girls why pay the expensive cost of Jewelry when Mom and Grandma might have their own personal jewelry store right in their bedroom. The sentiments of borrowing something from Grandma will be more special than anything new that you purchase from the store for this special day.

9. The dinner: Save money by having a backyard barbeque or a romantic dinner at home with candles and the works and order take out.

10. Nails and Shoes: If your city has a beauty school, you can make a nail appointment and have a student put nails on you for a discounted price . You can exchange shoes with friends or purchase a nice pear of white pumps that you can wear again and again.

I hope that these ten useful tips will help you save money and still have your unforgettable night.

About the author

Rose DesRochers is the founder of Today's Woman Writing Community, a supportive online writing community for men and women over 18. Rose is also the founder of Blogger Talk Blog Community, a friendly fast growing blogging portal, offering bloggers support, advice, tools, tips and information about blogs and blogging. More articles by Rose DesRochers can be read at
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Prom: The Night You'll Never Forget And It Didn't Even Break Mom And Dad by:Rose DesRochers Ashburn