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Principles Behind Affordable Dentures

Oftentimes, we get good jokes and laughter because of false teeth or dentures

. You may have come across a story about false teeth or watched some cartoons that show how funny it is when the false teeth accidentally slides out of a persons mouth. We may have laughed about it at one point but it is never funny if it happened to you. If you dont have dentures or prosthetics yet, there might come a time that you will have one and it is worth knowing what the principles behind a good prosthetics are so you can avoid being the one being laughed at.

There are three prosthodontic principles of dentures, namely support, stability and retention. This principle will help your false teeth to be in place at all times. When consulting with a dentist, it is wise that you know the basics of these principles so you can relate to whatever your dentist is discussing. You dont expect the dentist to be able to discuss every detail about your prosthetics with you and even if they want to, they may forget little details that are important for you to know such as the prosthodontic principle. Lets take a close look at each principle:


This is the principle that explains how well the underlying mucosa or oral tissues that includes gums and the vestibules keeps the false teeth from moving vertically towards the arch where you need the false teeth. It is important to take note that the larger the denture flanges will result to a better support. Denture flanges is the part of the denture that extends to the vestibule or the space between the cheek lips and teeth.


This is the principle that describes how well the denture base is prevented from moving in the horizontal plane. The stability of the denture will also prevent it from sliding side to side or front and back. The pink material in the dentures is known as the denture base. You can get better stability if the dental base runs in smooth and continuous contact with the hill in which you used to have teeth.


This is the principle that explains how well the denture is prevented from moving vertically in the opposite direction of the insertion. The better the imitation of interior surface of the denture base then the better retention you get.

Aside from making sure that these three principles are present in a denture, you can also check on the possibility of having implants. This is technology that increases stability and saves the users bone from wearing away. Implants are also helpful in improving the retention factor. You can have your dentist discuss about your options for these three principles when getting dentures. Your dentist should be able to explain it to you in such a way that you can understand the mechanics behind a denture. Thats why it is important for you to find a dentist that you can be comfortable with in discussing such matters after all you want to have that great smile on your face.

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Principles Behind Affordable Dentures