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Premises Liability: Who Is At Fault

Premises Liability: Who Is At Fault

Premises Liability: Who Is At Fault

A premises liability is when bodily injury to a person occurs on someone else's property. In many cases when such an injury happens, the owner or person responsible for the property upkeep is the one who is at fault and therefore responsible. This is the case if the injury is caused by a dangerous situation that is present on the premises that should not be there. Examples of this are broken steps, icy walks, things left lying about that can trip and so forth. The responsible person is liable by law for the injuries suffered by another person if those injuries result from danger on the property.

It is the responsibility of property owners of all kinds to keep their premises safe for anyone who is present. This means yard work, property upkeep and the like must be up to par and safe. If accidents such as slips and falls occur on property, the property owners can be held liable for a variety of compensation expenses. Medical expenses, lost income due to inability to work after the injury, pain and suffering, personal injury attorney fees and more are all common compensation expenses.

Premises liability happens to owners or managers of many types of property. Commercial property such as hotels, grocery stores and restaurants are often involved in property liability cases. Residential homes and properties can be involved as well, especially if the victim is family or friend. Vacant lots that are owned by absentee owners are a dangerous hazard and are property liability suits just waiting to happen. Those who own vacant lots or construction lots are advised to keep tight security to avoid unauthorized people on site who can get hurt and therefore sue. Negligence on the part of absentee owners is a suit that is often brought up.

Property liability charges and lawsuits make up a big part of the business of personal injury attorneys. Many times these cases can be settled out of court to the satisfaction of both parties. Most public facilities have their own attorneys who are well versed in premises liability and can accurately gauge if there is fault at hand. Many companies will choose to find a compromising settlement with the personal injury victim rather than deal with a drawn out court case that could negatively impact their company's business. Personal injury attorneys can see to it that victims of negligence get compensation they are entitled to. guest:  register | login | search     IP( District Of Columbia / Washington Processed in 0.016330 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 12 , 2505, 961,
Premises Liability: Who Is At Fault Washington