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Powerful Ways to Break Into Social Marketing with Digg by:Samantha Milner

Powerful Ways to Break Into Social Marketing with Digg by:Samantha Milner

Ask any online businessman what they think is the most efficient and fastest traffic

generation strategy they can ever implement, and chances are, most of them will have a one word answer: "Digg." Digg, of course, refers to the website where webmasters can submit links to their more interesting pages. Digg users can thereafter vote on each of the said links. If they like it, they'll "digg" it by appropriating Digg points. If they don't like it, they'll "bury" it by deducting Digg points.

The objective is to have as many Digg points as possible, because the more Digg points you'd have, the higher your position will be on the first page of this highly visited website.

Digg is one of the proponents of the Web 2.0 movement, and is one of the more popular Web 2.0 websites today. It is one of the top 100 websites in any category, according to the metrics provided by Alexa. Dig attracts millions of internet users per day, and the links submitted to its system can have a share of this traffic.

Clearly, getting your web content "dugg" should be in your agenda as it can immediately spell the difference between a big payday and a wasted opportunity.

What Is Digg, Exactly?

Digg is a social news website, a relatively new type of user-driven news delivery system where readers have the editorial power to determine the visibility of the news items submitted to the system.

Any user can submit news he can find anywhere on the web. Thereafter, the other users have the power to vote (or "digg") for the said news item, or bury it. If a news item receives many votes (diggs) it can potentially rise up to the front page of, where it will be visible to more people, hence, generate more traffic to its mother page.

Many internet marketers testify to the traffic generating potentials of Some claim a traffic spike of more than 10,000%, which came within 24 hours from the moment their pages were listed at Digg.

Here's a caveat, however though the volume of traffic that Digg will send your way will be amazing, it will not, by any means, be long term. Once the news item carrying your web page's link gets buried further and further down the listing of entries, the traffic coming from Digg will decrease at the same pace.

Your Objectives In Launching A Digg Campaign

Not everyone can succeed with Digg. A lot try, but only a handful (literally speaking) can benefit from the massive traffic that Digg can provide.

Don't let this discourage you, however. Succeeding with Digg is not impossible. Besides, even if your link doesn't land on the first page of Digg or any of the categories under its fold, your website can still benefit in two ways:

1. Your website can enjoy the direct traffic from Digg if your link will manage to appear on the first page of the said website. The number of visitors is estimated at 20,000 to 400,000, depending on the subject of your submitted content. This benefit is merely temporal, however. As your link gets buried, the number of visitors you will be able to generate using this method will likewise decrease. But the Digg technique can also have a lasting benefit

2. Your website can enjoy a fantastic increase in back links. Many webmasters rely on Digg for the latest news. If your link is displayed on the first page, and if it presents novel information on a subject that a lot of other webmasters are interested with, chances are, they'd grab your story and republish it on their respective websites, with your own link preserved, of course.

Ethical Digging Vs. Gaming

A few months ago, many online businessmen came up with a clever way to make the most out of Digg. They formed communities where each member commits himself to dig the articles submitted by other members. This system provided a constant source of much needed dig points that propelled the members respective pages to high positions in Digg's website.

This system is called gaming.

Is it unethical? Yes.

Is it effective?

Well, it used to be very effective. But Digg has since banned accounts that were discovered to be involved in gaming. Furthermore, Digg has adjusted its algorithm to ensure that gaming will be rendered impossible. The algorithm is described to be as mysterious as that of Google's.

Ethical Digging is the way to go. The satisfaction of reaching the first page of through your own efforts is still more fulfilling. More importantly, your online conduct will reflect on the credibility of your internet business, so it will be best to do things the right way.

About the author

Samantha Milner is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the owner of DSM Publishing:

Head over to her Blog and break into Internet Marketing Finally Make Money Online Now!
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