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Photographing Your Pet

Photographing Your Pet

Photographing Your Pet

You love your pet and you want a wonderful picture of them to have around the house but snapping a fair picture of your dog or cat can be a complete nightmare. Unnerving red-eye, motion blur, and unhappy expressions are all too common in amateur animal photography, and could ruin any photo. Hopefully this article will give you the information you need to get the "perfect" picture you always wanted of your loving pet.

There are some pets that will sit still for a photo but that is very hard to come by. With my dog she sits still but only if she is right in front of the camera, making too close of a close up. So I understand your pain on this issue. With that being said one option is always to ask somebody comfortable with the pet to hold it. Make certain that your dog or cat is content by allowing it to play with a favorite toy or chew on a treat; this way you know you can get a picture of them being relatively still and you have a chance of them looking directly at the camera.

Perspective is a key factor when taking a picture of a pet. Your pet is a lot smaller than a person is, so to get the right level of detail you need to be even closer. For big family pets this won't be as significant, but smaller dogs, and cats you will need more soon. Although you're used to looking down at your pet, a more appealing point of view might be looking up at a cat sitting on a staircase, or at eye level on a table or couch.Photographing Your Pet

Lighting is important in any picture, but cat and dog eyes can be especially prone to strange reflections and red eye. Taking pictures outside is the best option, but you can also use large windows and indoor lights for a similar effect. Stay away from using flash at all costs.

Above all else remember to never bring tension into photographing your pet. Never dress up a cat that hates outfits, never hold up a pet that abhors being off the ground, and don't allow yourself to become so wrapped up in snapping the perfect shot that you wind up screaming and angry. The greatest photographs of your pet will be natural, when your pets are just being yourself.

Capturing spontaneous photos can be tough, but you can be prepared by: Keeping your digital camera on hand while you're outside with your pet and hoping to get a photo. Remember to take a lot of photos, you can delete the ones you don't like later, but the more photos you take the better chance you have of getting that perfect shot.Whatever your pet, be certain to have fun and be patient, as long as you keep on taking pictures and sticking to these suggestions, you will at some point wind up with a picture you will cherish for a lifetime.
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