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Orlando Florida - Value for Money? by:Steve Sewell

Orlando Florida - Value for Money? by:Steve Sewell

Considering the economic crisis does Orlando Florida still represent good value for money

? Well when we take a close look at things from a UK prospective it is still a great value vacation. Along with the rest of the World we have seen a downturn in our economy with many people being made redundant or having to cut back on non essentials but in all honesty we at Perfect Florida Villas have seen an increase in enquiries for trips to Orlando Florida. So it looks like we Brits still class a vacation as essential!

One of the main reasons I believe for the increase in our business is that along with the fall in the exchange rate between the GBP and the USD, it has also fallen against the EURO making holidays in Spain, France or any other country in the Eurozone much more expensive. Even if the USD had fallen to 1 for 1 situation it would still be no more expensive to buy food and lodging there than it would here in the UK. So, any exchange rate better than that is a bonus and as I write this I see that it is back just over the 1GBP = 1.50USD mark. The recovery against the Euro is not so good. It was still reasonably expensive for UK visitors to Spain prior to the downturn and this has been exacerbated since then. It's not just the cost of flights and accommodation that come in to play when planning a vacation but the cost to live once there, when you take the cost of food, drinks and entertainment it soon mounts up for a family of 4.

The US has always been good value for money for the visitor from our shores and I still believe it offers that now and I an sure I am not the only one. The one place we are hit hard in the UK when it comes to trips abroad is the crippling Airport Taxes levied by our government. Currently around 200GBP of the flight price for a transatlantic flight. Indeed I know of some people that choose to fly from Dublin in Ireland for 2 reasons, one is that the airport takes are less than half that of the UK and that they are able to do their immigration for the US before they leave. So once there they are out of the airport much quicker.

After all said and done, there is so much more to be gained by vacationing in the US or Florida to be precise. Taking the food, weather, beaches, entertainment and so much more into consideration. The beaches alone are so different to those in places like Spain where you are so cramped during busy seasons that it is hard to spot a piece of sand.Orlando Florida - Value for Money? by:Steve Sewell

So in conclusion I would say a definite YES it is value for money even in these dark times.

About the author

Steve Sewell is an Orlando Villa owner and is part owner of Orlando Villas, Florida Villas Elite and also owns the informational guide websites Perfect Florida Guide and Florida Life and Leisure he has been travelling to Florida for the past 16 years and has built up a wealth of knowledge. &
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Orlando Florida - Value for Money? by:Steve Sewell