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One of the Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistake by:Paul Kinder

One of the Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistake by:Paul Kinder

This is the most common and one of the biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing

. Majority of affiliate marketers do not include list building in their marketing plans. The usual strategy most affiliate marketers do is to find ways to send traffic to their affiliate links, thinking that a viewer might get interested with the offer and make a purchase at the onset of seeing it.

The truth is that site visitors do not really make a purchase upon seeing a web page, no matter how enticing it is. It could happen in a stroke of luck but it is very less probable. Most visitors do a lot of viewing first before ending up with buying. In doing this, the potential customers see more information and learn how they will really benefit from the products or services. They must first be confident with it before they trust and make a purchase.

A great solution to this concern is list building or capturing leads. It is best to have traffic as it is the lifeblood of online businesses but it is still better to gather contact information for future marketing strategies which is really efficient. When a list is created, it is possible to keep in touch with the prospects and give them the necessary information they need in order to find solution to their primary concern. Sending them emails with the information they need is also the start of a good business relationship.

Furthermore, there must be an auto-responder to support list building. It is an automatic response or message to the person who gave his or her contact details. It could simply be an acknowledgment or a bonus offer. If there is already a huge list, then having a web site could be the next in the business plan if there is no site setup yet.

After setting up the auto-responder and the web site, it is best to formulate a short course about internet marketing where an aspirant could really learn the online business. This course must be kept related to the products to sell. To do this, the subject must first be determined, and then the course must be outlined. All the topics and articles must be written like talking directly to the reader. This is effective as it helps the readers adapt to it.

Once ready, having a form where one can sign up for the course would surely help in increasing traffic conversion at some time. This must be in the form of a squeeze page. It is a simple web page that summarizes the course and has a brief list of its benefits. It has an opt-in form where people can leave their contact details in order to take advantage of the course.

Sounds like a way to success in affiliate marketing and it surely is; but it starts with building a list. It is important to keep a bond with the potential customers. This is not only for the current products being offered but also for the future products or programs. If an affiliate marketer has a good relationship with his or her customers or potential customers, then he or she will surely have them even if there are new programs or products and services to offer.

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One of the Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistake by:Paul Kinder