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Offline Businesses Would Learn From Internet Marketers by:Samantha Milner

Offline Businesses Would Learn From Internet Marketers by:Samantha Milner

I went for a lovely walk around Silves yesterday

, which is a lovely town in The Algarve that is a 20 minute drive to the beach and is well known in the summer with the tourists. I have recently moved here (10 days ago) and was ashamed to say I hadn't actually checked out my local town.

It is a really beautiful place and can fully understand why the tourists are so smitten with it. I would personally recommend it to everyone. After checking out the shops like every woman would we made our way past the beautiful river and towards the bars/restaurants. I had been told the food was something special here and I was dying to see this for myself.

There were about 20 Portuguese restaurants in a row followed by one English establishment. I was ready to check out a Portuguese place but with my husband missing his English grub we ended up at the English one and as the loving wife I followed him. It soon became clear why we had arrived at this particular bar the football was about to start on the outdoor television and we could check out the Manchester derby which was fine with me.

Then I had a good look at the menu and ordered - it looked far from appealing so I limited myself two portions of chips between the three of us as our seven year old son was also present. You may think I am tight but the portions in Portugal are so big that it would easily cover us and leave us with full tummies. I also ordered half a jug of sangria to wash it down with.

When it arrived I was far from happy - the chips was such a small portion that they didn't even need a dish and the sangria tasted like cheap wine that had come from the bargain bin at the cheapest supermarket alive.

You may wonder why they are still in business - the truth is its the television it is a local area that has a lot of ex-pats and they can't cope without their sport and having a bar that provides sky sports is just too hard to resist. But think about logically very few people there was eating even though we were slap bang in the middle of lunch time.

Obviously because they knew how bad the food was - when the football was over I noticed that the majority headed straight next door to the nearest Portuguese bar and ordered the traditional chicken and chips. They had simply come for the football and that was it - they were not interested in the food as they knew exactly what is was like.

When the football is on next we will do the same!

The British bar held the sports monopoly but what would then do if another british family opened a local bar and provided the sports along with the good food. There is no question whatsoever they would go bust extremely quickly and unless they improved what they offered there would be no alternative.

I must admit whilst I was there I spent about 30 minutes thinking about it, yes I could have given them some advice but the service was so poor I really didn't believe they would listen to me.

You see us internet marketers are always aware of our situation and would never allow this to happen. We would make sure that our product is the best so that if competition does head our way we would be able to handle it without worrying about what the bank manager coming to clear us out. Plus as a big fan of the mini income streams if we had 50 automated tiny businesses and competition came to 2 of them the other 48 would carry on as usual.

I very much doubt that the family that owned this particular restaurant had another 49 providing them with an extra income - do you?

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