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Numis Network - The Real Opportunity To Build Wealth

Numis Network - The Real Opportunity To Build Wealth

Author: Kenny Gregg

From all the gold and silver investment business and programs I have looked into so far, there was one that got my attention - it is called Numis Network. And there I have several reasons for this. The idea that caught my attention first of all was not the fact that their investment products are silver and gold coins, but the fact that the coins are licensed, graded collector's coins, not simple bullion coins. Their price is greater than that of bullion coins for the sheer fact that it takes into account the condition of the coins, as well as collector demand, which is evidently bigger as time passes, so a more aged coin is at all times a more valuable coin. Provided that it is in good condition as well. This is also a great point Numis Network has seized; consequently, they will provide your graded coins in sonically sealed packing, for long-term protection. If you invest today in a Silver American Eagle graded 70 (the maximum, which points out a virtually perfect numismatic condition), in 10 years' time you will have a Silver American Eagle that will still be graded 70, not less, the single difference being that it will have a much bigger value. For example, the 2009 bullion Silver American Eagle (ungraded) is worth around $20 (the price only takes into account the worth of one ounce of silver, which is exactly the silver content of the coin). A 2009 Silver American Eagle graded MS69 can be purchased for approx. $30, while the 2009 Silver American Eagle graded MS70 has a current retail value of $125. By comparison, a 1997 Silver American Eagle graded MS70 is worth today $500. Do they have a point here? What I was also amazed to find out about Numis Network is that they market these numismatic coins by means of an MLM network system. In fact, they are the first company to do so, which opens up new ground to explore, from wherever you stand: the network marketer's position, who is looking for a great MLM opportunity, or the numismatic coin distributor's position, who is investigating better opportunities to sell gold and silver numismatic coins. Numis Network has put together the 2 decades of marketing company management and direct sales know-how of the co-founders with numismatic authority Mike Mezack's 20-year interest in the numismatic coin industry to get an exclusive expertise that makes it a very reliable organization, from my point of view. Apart from offering the benefits of the most protected method of investment these days - gold and silver investment, plus those of a precious, very demanded, very well-priced product, as well as those of a new, undiscovered market, Numis Network comes with a good compensation plan and, just as important, an internet marketing system to assist you, containing your own website and a lead capture website, customizable e-mail auto-responders and marketing campaigns, plus a lead management system and a back office business center. It only depends on you to acquire good online marketing strategies, so as to be able to continually multiply your leads, and in this way, grow your Numis business. About the Author:

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