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How To Negotiate With Your Mortgage Lender

How To Negotiate With Your Mortgage Lender

It's a very difficult and dangerous scenario once you fail to pay your monthly mortgages on time

. That's because it may lead to foreclosure. Even if you exert your full effort to pay on time, financial problems may arise which can hinder you from meeting your obligations on time.

Approach Your Mortgage Lender

Once you have observed the first few signs of trouble, the very first thing that you should do is to talk to your lender as soon as possible. There is no need for you to wait for a few late payments before taking action.

Some borrowers may try to explain their problems to the wrong department. This is just a waste of time since people who are not responsible to handle customer issues can't really give much assistance.How To Negotiate With Your Mortgage Lender

So, how do you know if you are on the right track? Every mortgage lending company has a loss mitigation department which specializes in handling repayment issues. They are also called "reinstatement department", "modification department", "workout department", etc. Know the exact department which handles restructuring of the loan before speaking about your concerns.

Get over Your Hurdles

It is may not always be easy to get in touch with the loss mitigation department. You may be placed on hold for a very long period of time. You may be confronted with a busy number a couple of times. You need to have patience especially once you get in touch with the right person who can assist you.

Be calm and polite when speaking about your concerns. Tell your lender the exact situation you are going through. You want your lender to understand why you are not able to keep up with your payments. Ask if you can set up an appointment so you can discuss matters face to face.

You will be required to provide details about your mortgage on a written form. Be sure to provide honest information to your lender. You may have to state some personal details about your current financial status. This may be crucial, if you really want to reach a good negotiation.

Your lender must be able to understand why you are having difficulties in keeping up with your payments. Let your lender know about the steps you have done and the steps that you're planning to do to avoid defaulting from your loan.

Most lenders are willing to make adjustments with their terms instead of proceeding with the foreclosure because it can be a rigorous process. Hence, most lenders would choose to help if the borrower is willing to cooperate.

The type of loan restructuring you can get will depend on the lender. You may be provided with an extension as to when to submit the payments, given a lower interest rate, or be given a chance to reinstate. In any case, the new terms should be clearly indicated into writing and signed by both you and your lender. Once an agreement has been made, be prepared to take on your new repayment obligations.

by: Liz Roberts
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How To Negotiate With Your Mortgage Lender