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New Paymet Solution by:Vincent Muhammad

New Paymet Solution by:Vincent Muhammad

With the recent economic downturn in the U.S. and its global effect, we all should realize how connected we are. The world is getting smaller and smaller through the use of technology and the growing advancements being made in that field. We live in the age of the Internet, Mobile Phones, PDAs, VOIP, Text Messaging, Social Networks, Twitter, SKYPE, WIFI, Video Conferencing and the list could go on and on.

This is the reason why after the passing of Michael Jackson most found out from non-traditional news media and information outlets. Most received text messages informing them of the news according to traditional news outlets. Information has the ability to go viral in a matter of minutes.

What does this have to do with you, you may ask. Everything!!! You and I are the driving force behind technology and we have to began to use technology to our advantage not only for fun activities and to stay in touch with friends and family but also for the purpose of business growth and development.

When I came across Canadian based company Selfbank Mobile I had to explore it, and I am glad I did. I was frustrated and somewhat angry at the way some big banks had taken advantage of average hard working citizens who were just trying to support themselves and their families. These institutions were not empowering the people rather, making them dependant on a system that was only interested in making a few wealthy.

Selfbank Mobile has combined two worlds, the world of banking and the world of social media. The company has developed a payment solution that allows you the end user to send and receive payments instantly with the use of your mobile phone via text messaging, at a fraction of what it would cost using other companies. Whats most important is the idea of empowerment.

Selfbank Mobile has put in place a system that allows regular Joes to earn an income off of transaction fees like large banking institutions. This is empowering the consumer. Not only can you use the platform but you also have the potential of earning a substantial income. For every person you personally refer to Selfbank and they activate an account you receive money whenever they make a transaction. The cost to set up a basic account to send and receive money is, get this, free; with the option of upgrading.

Let me paint a picture for you. I place an ad on Craigslist: bike for sale $180.00. Someone sees my ad and want to purchase the bike. They contact me for payment information, I tell them to set up a Selfbank account if they do not already have one. They send the money via text message I receive it instantly. If they did not already have an account I referred them, therefore I will receive transaction fees whenever they use their account for the life of the account. For more information or to set up an account visit:

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Leave your wallet home and take your money mobile. New Payment solution allows you to use your mobile phone and earn income off transactions.
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