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Made Redundant - What are my Income Options? by:Mark Garnham

Made Redundant - What are my Income Options? by:Mark Garnham

A few of months ago I received notification that I was to be made redundant from my manager of sales position

. Trust me -I don't want your sympathy because I was overjoyed.

To understand why I was overjoyed to be leaving, we need to go back several months earlier. You see I had decided, even before I joined that company, that I really wanted to have my own business - I just wasn't sure what it would be. I evaluated typical "Bricks and Mortar" sales companies and Franchises however had come to the realization that neither would work for me.

The Bricks and Mortar approach would require a huge financial investment for startup, followed by a lot of advertising and brand recognition. It would also require a product to sell - preferably one that consumers would fall all over themselves to buy. Well actually I did not have this product and hadn't invented anything that was likely to become it. I didn't have any agencies for such a product so things were not looking good already. And then came along the "Big Recession", just to put the final nail in that coffin - so "Bricks and Mortar" wasn't going to feature in my business plan.

I then looked at some franchises but again there were issues. There would still be a considerable capital outlay to purchase the franchise ($150k min) and then I would require a premise to sell from with added setup costs that would not be recouped. There would be rent to pay, royalties on sales, a set product line that I couldn't add to, staff issues and all the rest of the hassles associated with the "Bricks and Mortar" business. The only real advantage was that I didn't have to invent the products or obtain the agencies for them.

One day, it dawned upon me that what I really needed was an internet based business. Many years ago, a friend of mine had become a millionaire by owning the rights to some fairy tale that he sold online. Basically he spent his day playing with the cat, sitting on the couch and watching his bank balance grow.

I decided that I needed to see if there was an internet based business that I could get into for a minimal capital cost, that would do the same for me over a short 2 or 3 year time period. You see the internet never sleeps, so you can wake up in the morning, make some coffee and log into your bank account to see how much it grew by overnight. I had been doing this already with some share market investments so I knew that a good internet business would work - it was just a matter of weeding out the chaff and revealing the right opportunity.

Eventually I found Liberty League - a personal development and live seminar business that was started around year 2000 and appeared to be growing strongly. I signed up and purchased the base product to see if this was going to work out for me. After a few very frustrating months, I had learned a lot about the business and working on the internet, but not made a cent from the Liberty League business.

I knew that the business model was quite good but needed refinement, so again went looking for a better online business. I quite quickly found Life Path Unlimited - the only real competition to Liberty league in the personal development and prosperity industry. Having scrutinized this business to death and grilled every Life path Unlimited affiliate that I could find, I was convinced this business was where I needed to be positioned. The totally unique business model seamed a huge improvement on the LLI model and the base product "Discover" proved to be light years ahead of all the competition.

Realizing that I could not represent both companies in the same industry, I decided to leave Liberty League and start up with Life Path Unlimited. The quality of the product being supported by a full "money back " guarantee gave me huge faith in the company, and being able to earn large commissions immediately was key to getting involved. Almost immediately my business was booming and I found myself working 8 hrs per day at the day job followed by another 6 hrs per day in my own business.

If you have ever worked 14 hour days per day, you'll know that you can't keep it up for long. I decided that I would see the financial year out at the day job so as to get my commission, and then resign so that I could concentrate on my own business. I wasn't really looking forward to explaining why I had decided to move on but the recession gave me a helping hand and the company decided to make me redundant anyway. Frankly I couldn't leave fast enough because 14hr days were not fun, and by then I had completely lost interest in the day job.

Sometimes in life, things just happen at the right time - as if there was a predetermined path to be followed. Being made redundant for me has been a real blessing, and I am now loving the freedom to run my own internet based business from the beach, home or anywhere else I wish to be.

If you haven't yet considered an online marketing business with very low start-up costs, full mentoring and amazing team community support, then visit http//: I will be happy to send you some free internet marketing training to get started with so you can see if this business is a good fit for your personal objectives.

About the author

Mark Garnham is a Personal Development Consultant, leisure time advocate and Founder of Lifepath Unlimited business.
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Made Redundant - What are my Income Options? by:Mark Garnham