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New code, holiday time: Keep your calm

New code, holiday time: Keep your calm

Author: Nancy Rose

The holiday season is fast approaching and you are caught in learning new codes. When you think about all these - family, friends, co-workers, patients, medical billing coding career and others you may find yourself bogged down. But there are ways you can keep your stress meter at bare minimum levels.

If you keep a few important tips in mind, you can make your way to a more enjoyable holiday time at your workplace. All this, minus an empty bank account and an irritable attitude that may land you in trouble with your co-workers and patients.

Heres how:

Keep a track of your budget: Be reasonable when it comes to gifting this year. Ask yourself if you are pushing beyond your means. Get together and talk to co-workers in your gift-giving circle.

Create limits: If you are working full time, you should decide how much entertainment you can do within and outside of the office without becoming worn out. When you have a limit before time, youll have a greater sense of control.

Allow feelings: if you are elated about the holidays owing to one reason or another, thats perfectly fine. If you are working in a medical office, you have to keep up a certain amount of a front for instance if you are interacting with the public and have a job to do, it doesnt mean that you cannot be feeling something else.

Note it down. After youre through with this holiday season, pen down the things that have irritated or stressed you out the most so that you can plan better in the coming year.

Lastly, be true to yourself. Sit back and evaluate if you are still getting stressed out. When you do so, youll be surprised at the findings.About the Author:

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New code, holiday time: Keep your calm