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Natural Solutions to Teeth Discoloration

Author: Lynne Gabriel

One of the bad things you might be able to relate with other people is the problems with your teeth. Millions of people around the world experience the same predicaments when it comes to the oral cavity because the trend is for a fast-paced lifestyle that causes you to forget about hygiene and proper oral health practices. For instance, you might have been so engrossed in your work the whole day for eight long hours. After office, you have been invited to attend a birthday party where you cannot help but drink and smoke for four hours. When you go home, you are already too tired and drunk to brush your teeth. You sleep for another six hours. You have just allowed the bacteria to linger in your mouth for eighteen hours. The moment you wake up, a big banner comes right into your face stating: Welcome to the World of Dental Problems! If this happens, all you need to do is call your dentist because you cant afford to smile with discolored or damaged teeth. Aside from bad breath, the most prevalent oral problem which you can encounter with the kind of lifestyle stated above is the discoloration of your teeth which can be remedied through contemporary teeth whitening system. This is a tooth problem which is characterized by the loss of your teeths natural luster or the tarnishing of its natural color. In worst cases, the teeth may look clouded with tartar that creates the impression of lax oral hygiene. This impression would further damage your image as a person. Worst, the impact would be inside and out. If you think you can still manage the discoloration problem, you can opt for natural ingredients like orange and lemon peels and even baking soda. These are common at home teeth whitening ingredients which you can use after work within your own comfortable zone. The orange peelings and baking soda can be rubbed to the tooth interface to scrape the tartar away. Furthermore, the baking soda can be mixed up with your ordinary toothpaste and can be used during rushing. Of course, natural practices should be continued for maximized as teeth whitener intervention. Brushing does not only freshen the breath but whitens the tooth as well especially if you have the sufficient amount of fluoride every time you brush. The right amount of the substance depends on your body weight and height. However, the standard adequate intake of the substance is about 0.05 milligram per kilogram of body weight per day. This is set to prevent problems regarding the under or over consumption of fluoride in the body. You can develop your own teeth whitening system at home with the use of other natural ingredients that you may find easier to locate than those mentioned above. You can also ask recommendations fro oral health professionals and see for yourself how discoloration vanishes with the use of natural ingredients. If the discoloration could no longer be dealt with by natural extracts, you can seek the help of cosmetic dentists to study your case and be able to come up with advance procedures to whiten teeth back.About the Author:

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Natural Solutions to Teeth Discoloration Karachi