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My Trip To The Pet Store

My Trip To The Pet Store

Last weekend I needed some cat for my cats and decided to visit the big box chain store rather than my usual grocery store

. What a surprise. It was so much more than just cat food and dog supplies. It was a world I had never known before. A world where people love pets about as much as normal people love other people.

The first strange site I found was a salad bar near the front door. Only, it wasn't a salad bad, but rather, a "treat bar" for dogs. Yup. Different sized shapes of meat-flavored treats laid out like a salad bar. Why do humans care what shape of have my varieties the dog treats come in? We had a dog growing up. He liked to chew of metal which included pulling staples out of paperback books. Those were his treats.

This store not only sold supplies and food, but also birds, rodents and fish. However, they didn't sell any cats or dogs.

Moving on, I found the cat litter. I wasn't looking for litter, but found it anyway. It was hard to miss. It was a giant container filled with sand and big scoop. I suspected that this was the bulk cat litter section and one should bring their own bucket.
My Trip To The Pet Store

The row next to the litter station was dog supplies with just about every type of dog bad ever made. There was one made with memory foam with a cost of $159. Really? That's more than I paid for my mattress at home. My old dog slept on my grandmas old wool coat and it was just fine with him.

For such a big store, it was surprisingly void of people. I only saw one dog in the store. (Did I mention that pets are welcomed in the store?) I was expecting to see little old ladies with baby poodles sticking out of their purses, but there were none. Then I began to wonder. Just how many people actually brought their cat to the store? I can't imagine anything more tormenting, for me and my cats, than to put them in the car and make them walk about a huge store on a leash. At least they would be entertained by the mice.

As I walked toward the counter to pay for my cat food, I came across a photographer setting ups shop. I guess getting your picture taken with your dog or guinea pig was bigger than just Christmas now. Somehow I missed the memo.

When I did make it to the front of the store, the person behind the counter looked less than amused to see me. Apparently, she enjoyed being with four legged creatures and not the two legged kind. The next time I need cat food or dog supplies, I think I will stick with my local grocery store.

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