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Mother's Day Around The World

Mother's Day Around The World

Mothers are the special people in our lives who nurtured us from the time they carried

us in their wombs until the time when we have grown-up and able to take care of ourselves - sometimes it even goes beyond this time.

This is why honoring mothers all over the world has become a special tradition that everyone in the family celebrate. But When Is Mothers Day really celebrated? Some people would say that Mother's Day should be celebrated everyday because our moms take care of our needs everyday - from the smallest thing to big life-changing moments.

However, to be more specific, Mother's Day is celebrated during different times of the year, depending on our country of residence.


When Is Mothers Day in the United States? Mother's Day in the US falls on the second Sunday of the fourth month of the year. The same is true for other countries such as Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Colombia, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Philippines, Switzerland, South Africa and Turkey.

There are about seventy or so countries celebrating Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May.

When asked When Is Mothers Day in Greece, we may say that it falls on the second of February. This is the earliest celebration of Mother's Day in the calendar year.

Now, if we are wondering When Is Mothers Day in Ireland, Nigeria and the United Kingdom; this special celebration happens every fourth Sunday in Lent - no matter what month and day it falls on a particular year.

As for the last celebration of Mother's Day, this happens in Indonesia, every twenty-second of December. In Costa Rica on the other hand, the people here pay tribute to the best and most admirable mother in the history of Christianity, Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Mother's Day is celebrated in this country on the feast of the Assumption; every fifteenth of August each year.

These are only some of the dates that commemorate mothers in some parts of the globe. We may find out more about the answer to the question When Is Mothers Day around the globe; via the internet. Online, we can find a complete list of Mother's Day in each country and how it is traditionally celebrated.


While we may constantly ask When Is Mothers Day; the most important thing to remember during the special occasion is to make our own moms feel extra special on this day.

Pampering them with extra loving care; showering them with gifts such as flowers, jewelry and other items; and even serving them breakfast in bed are only some of the ways that families observe on Mother's Day no matter where we are in the world.

We also have to keep in mind that our Mother's Day gifts need not be expensive, flashy or too extravagant. The key factor here is to celebrate our moms in such a way that they will feel appreciated for all their hard work in raising us and keeping the family together.

by: Brian Jones
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