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Montana Poker - The Flop in Limit Texas Hold 'em

Montana Poker - The Flop in Limit Texas Hold 'em

Author: Henry Conway

Playing flop in limit Holdem, you have already seen most of the cards you will get, when the flop is dealt. The turn and river can always change things, but if the flop doesnt help you or give you that oh great! feeling, dont hesitate to drop your hand. A part of making money at this game is dropping your weak hands before they cost you.

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Bluffing in a low limit game wont do a lot of good on the flop if theres more than one person in. The pot odds and weak opponents will cause your bets to be called a good percentage of the time. Feel free to take a stab at the pot now if you are against a single opponent and then if hes capable of folding.

Youll be a long ways in making poker a profitable hobby if you bet and raise more than you check and call. In poker aggression wins money. Playing an aggressive game means you bet and raise when you have strong hands and you simply fold when your hands are weak. Calling should be reserved for when you have a draw and the correct pot odds to chase it. An aggressive strategy accomplishes two things; it gets money in the pot when you have a strong and at the same time protects that hand.

Being aggressive will make your opponent draw out on you. A successful check raise is a good way to make it expensive for your opponents to draw. The risk associated with check raising is giving your passive opponents a chance to check it through, causing you to miss your check raise.

When you have a drawing hand on the flop, the pot odds will have a major impact on whether or not you continue with the hand. If youre not getting appropriate pot odds on your draw, you will want to pass on it.

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The author is an avid enthusiast in Montana Poker and Billings Poker Tournaments
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