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Mobile Application Development And The Web World - The Convergence!

Mobile Application Development And The Web World - The Convergence!

Mobile application development is always in demand and the need for innovative applications is growing day by day

. The newness quotient is critical for many companies nowadays. Mobile app development companies has also commenced on a large scale for mobile devices including PDAs and digital assistants other than mobile phones which has a large number of mobile platforms to contend with. Developers make use of JAVA ME (J2ME), Symbian, Android and iOS for mobile app development and each has its own distinctive set of features. Mobile applications are created and tested in each of the mobile environments.

Mobile app development requires great skill and talent on the part of the developer along with rich imagination. Companies who are in this field offer Windows Phone Development, iPhone Mobile Apps Development, Symbian App Development, Blackberry App Development and Android App Development. But iOS and Android are the ruling platforms in terms of popularity among the masses.

Mobile development companies have experienced mobile developers in their arsenal who are well versed with different industries, needs of the market and multiple mobile applications which are trending in the market. The developers are required to be experts in developing apps otherwise they might get lost in the frenzy of the app market. Based on broad experience in developing mobile applications, the companies hire the best and the most experienced. Software engineers mostly create apps related to major platforms including J2ME, Blackberry, iPhone and versatile mobile applications pertaining to business are the most in demand. There are types of apps which are in vogue including utilities, travel, games etc. The truly unique and infectious apps are the ones which get a lot of media and attention from all including critics and analysts. Angry Birds was one phenomenon which caught up with the real world too and one can see the craze coming into real world too. There are some companies which are particularly adept in creating enterprise apps which can get an employee to get connected with the ERP system of your organization. This setup is essential for mobile workers who are in constant need for real-time updates. Smartphones in recent times are well equipped to host powerful applications for the benefit of their customers.

The deployment process of Web-based technologies is quick and that helps developers but some believe that web technologies welcome phishing and fraud since hackers can easily thwart security.

Sometimes even mobile web based solutions are face problems similar to desktop apps. These solutions also have to face browser incompatibilities and even the slow progress of web standards. Apps developed in native technologies have achieved a great deal of success. The problem with native technologies is that they are based on decade-old technologies which are why they look unnecessarily complex compared to the simple technologies on which they are based on. Developing a native application for multiple mobile platforms skills and is extremely complex too. The native technologies are sure to fail some part of the future since they do not grab the whole market which cross platform technologies can. It is important for mobile developers to resort to cross platform technologies for mobile app development and encourage use of Titanium and PhoneGap.

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Mobile Application Development And The Web World - The Convergence!