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Martha Stewart Likes Dogs?

Martha Stewart Likes Dogs?

Not long ago, I did a search on the web for dog supplies

. If you are not a dog lover, you won't believe what I found.

The very first items on the list were 99 products for training and bark control. Here's a sampling of what I found: ultrasonic training aid whatever that is. One was shaped like an egg. They also carried "no chew" sprays, sprays to keep your dog in, out, up, down or otherwise, products to keep your dog from barking and a treat bag that look suspiciously like a fanny pack.

187 beds and throws can be found on this website. The "Refined Canine Outdoor Dog Choise Lounger" looks cute, but rings in at three hundred and nine dollars which is more than that Ikea bed you paid for last year.

You'll learn more than you'll ever want to know about clean up, stain control and odor control than you'll ever want to know. One product features a "spring breeze" scented stain remover. What if the stain doesn't come out? Do your friends say, "Oh that stay, it smells beautiful." Another product worth mentioning is the "Furminator" which is an accessory for a vacuum cleaner. The worst though is the furniture covers meant to protect them. Instead, they look ugly and you'll just encourage your dog to sleep on the couch anyway.
Martha Stewart Likes Dogs?

The most expensive dog collar on the website was the $149.99 "Hartman & Rose Haute Couture Collection Leather Dog Collar." But to be fair, it said that it was "the highest quality canine attire" featuring clear crystal surrounding a smokey topaz octagon and 22 karat gold polish. Sort of makes you wish that you didn't buy your collar at the Dollar Store doesn't it?

Did you know that Martha Stewart has her own line of dog supplies? At least 85 according to this website. Poor Martha doesn't look like she even likes dogs in the promotion picture. This "collection" features many embarrassing outfits like the pink ruffle tank or the cutie dress that there is no way Martha herself would ever endorse if she were being honest.

Lots of toys can be purchased for your dog on this site. 510 that is. Choose from fleece-lined toys or tennis balls that cost a lot more than ones bought at a sports store. Who knew that dogs appreciated Christmas-theme toys? These people I guess.

The most shocking of dog supplies I found on the site were the headstones for your dog. One reads, "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever." Another reads, "Our hearts still ache" with a place to put a picture of the dog. Perhaps the worst was the one that reads, "If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again." The most offensive thing about it was the $119 price tag that went with it!

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