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Malls in Srinagar by:David H. Urmann

Malls in Srinagar by:David H. Urmann

Srinagar is a naturally beautiful city. It is also very historical and houses many malls.

The Srinagar is generally regarded as a magnificent city filled with natural beauty. It has attracted many people to come to the place just to witness a breathtaking view. It has the calm lakes, Shikaras and majestic Mughal architecture, grand Himalayas and floating houseboats.

It is easy to get to Srinagar located at the heart of Kashmir Valley. It has the best of Kashmiri handicrafts and dry fruits that could not be found anywhere else. The city also has a picturesque setting that manages to stay the same despite the changing weather. It still has the attractive place that still allures a lot of visitors.

Based on history, Srinagar was originally founded by Emperor Ashoka on 3rd century B.C. as the state of Srinagri. But it was Pravarasena-II and Hiuen Tsang who founded the modern Srinagar that has become a city. Pravarasena-II and Hiuen Tsang have a visit in Kashmir in 631 AD. They have found the city in a newer site where it is now situated. But whoever is the founder, its peculiar beauty remains the same.Malls in Srinagar by:David H. Urmann

Srinagar is okay to visit anytime of the year except winter. You might not stand the cold weather and the wonderful sight is clouded with snow. The best time to enjoy your trip here is from April to June.

The government of Srinagar has taken it upon themselves to improve their tourism industry because of the increasing number of visitors every year. This is the reason why their government official opened up the city to more business like shopping malls. At first, the Lal Chowk was just an ordinary place to stay in. This is at the center of Srinagar. This place was just a hub for tourist. But because of what the government had recommended, this place has opened its way to different groups of shopping malls.

As much as possible, the government aims to provide comfort to their guests, by giving them complete facilities and shops that will cater to their every need. Transportation is made more accessible to make it easy for tourists to go around the city.

The Lal Chowk has opened the place for malls because they have noticed that tourist have always preferred the modern and attractive shopping complexes in other countries. They noticed that malls have more compact and facilities just in one roof.

The youth of Kashmiri have found it interesting to have malls in Srinagar. They found more delights when there are actually malls in the place. This is the reason why they want to go out of Srinagar and visit the nearby malls.

Rafique Hussain, a builder, said that students in Srinagar thinks that they are behind the rest of the world because there are no malls in the place. They want to move ahead. They want to experience how to be in a mall or even just worked in it.Malls in Srinagar by:David H. Urmann

This thought had opened the Srinagar to the malls. There are already malls in Srinagar. These malls provide convenience not jut to tourists but also to the people of Srinagar especially the students.

The malls had made marketing more convenient. It reduces the distance and gap of time. It also provides multi marketing in one roof. This is not just it; malls have also avoided traffic congestion. There has a better space. These malls had surely saved space because they occupy less space. They also provide employment to the people of Srinagar.

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Malls in Srinagar by:David H. Urmann