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Life is Unfair, Accept it and Move On

Life is Unfair, Accept it and Move On

There are times in our life, that we may feel we are left alone and being pushed hard by whatever circumstances in life

. For some, they use this moment to make them stronger, wiser and better person. But for some, they didn't fight back. They just accept the reality and concede on the great defeat. These are the people who will not be successful in life. Success is a series of failures that we need to overcome everytime and emerged victorious in the end.

There are rich people and there are poor people. Some are born healthy, some are born with defects. Some are lucky, some are so unlucky. This is life, and we cannot change it. All we can do is accept the fact that life is unfair, and move on. No one can ever guarantee for a fair result in life. Instead of complaining, try to use this opportunity to improve yourself and make use of the hardship and difficulties to propel you to achieve greater purpose in life. We may be born poor, but we all have the opportunities to be successful and become rich in life.

Helen Keller was blind and deaf, and yet she emerged as one of the best author in our history. Her life didn't stop when she loses her senses, but instead, it motivates her to do things that normal people can do and she did best.

Whitney Houston was once a famous singer of our time. People around the world adore her and taught that she has everything and very successful in life. And yet, where she is now? After her fame, she became addicted to drugs and involved in several illegal activities. She is just another example of a person whom we thought are successful.

I grew up without my parents to guide me on my side. Trials, difficulties and problems are my constant companion before. And yet, I fought back and use these misfortunes to become what I am today. Same thing happen to my friend. Now he was addicted to illegal drugs and a drop out from school. Lots of people have the same fate, because they accept defeat early in life. They are just contented in saying that life is unfair, and circumstance makes them what they are today.

Whatever circumstances we have in life, we are still the one controlling its outcome. It is still up to us to lead our life to where we want us to be. Blaming the circumstances and use it to justify our present condition will not help. It will only hinder us to move forward and continue to live our life. Trials and difficulties will always be there to set us off course, but we can handle it if we really have the right attitude in life.

So instead of complaining about life being unfair, move on and make the use out of it.

Life is Unfair, Accept it and Move On

By: Richard Macalintal
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