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Life Insurance Policies Rates: Top 3 Tips For Keeping Life Insurance Costs Low

If you're one of those regular people who struggle to pay their life insurance premiums

, you're probably wondering how you can lower your payments, which is something you should really think about because in most in most cases, people are actually overpaying their life insurance policy. So, do you think you're part of the overpaying bunch? Here's how you can lower your premiums.

Improve Your Health

Suppose that when you purchased policy you were only able to qualify for a substandard rate because it was determined that your cholesterol level was higher than the life insurance company preferred. But after a few months you discovered upon the next test that your cholesterol level was within normal parameters.

Most people think they cannot apply for a better rate, which is why they never do. If your health has greatly improved over the last few months, talk with your insurance agent. The same is true for people who suffer other health conditions, like elevated liver enzymes, etc.

If you can prove to the life insurance company that you've addressed the area of concern, and that you have been consistently healthy over time (usually six months to a year), there's a very good chance that you can lower your premiums.

Extend Your Policy

Lowering your premium can, however, take a bit of math since the price of life insurance is mainly related to one's age. Suppose you are paying $35 per month for a $250,000 policy. The duration of the policy is 20 years, and at the time of acquisition, you were 30 years old.

You've had the policy for fifteen years when, at 45 years old you decide to check out other life insurance policies. It would be impossible to lower your premium in this instance since you're now 15 years older. You'll most likely pay a higher premium than your current term insurance. It's much more reasonable and more economical to extend your current term insurance by another 20 years because, chances are, you'll only be paying $10 more per month.

Cancel The Riders

You may want to think twice about getting policy riders. These cost of these riders can add up, and while they are attractive, you probably won't ever need them. The odds of a rider paying out are usually quite slim, and the prices charged for them usually make them a bad deal. So if you have add-on riders on your policy, consider canceling them, and if you have yet to buy life insurance, avoid them. With a little bit of diligence, you will find that it is not too difficult to lower your life insurance premium!

by: Kyle Ayren
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Life Insurance Policies Rates: Top 3 Tips For Keeping Life Insurance Costs Low Sialkot