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Liability For Accidents Caused By Debris Varies

Liability For Accidents Caused By Debris Varies

Some may remember the truck traveling on Interstate 70 in eastern North Carolina carrying an unlikely and distasteful substance

. While the driver was carrying the substance from a sewage plant to be used at a facility for fertilizer, an unsecure latch came undone, and the matter began to spill out all along the freeway. The consequent smell and slippery tires caused an extreme hazard for which the driver of the truck was liable. Fortunately, no apparent accidents or damage occurred to any other cars or trucks on the road, but if an accident had occurred, the truck driver would have been liable for any damages. As it turned out, he was held responsible for paying for clean-up of the freeway.

When other vehicles lose items on the road that cause any kind of damage, accidents, or injuries to other drivers, the driver of the vehicle who lost the item is usually liable, but it depends on the circumstance. Anyone suffering damages or injuries in a similar circumstance should contact an accident lawyer in Hickory to find out what kind of options there might be to seek compensation.

Common accidents involving 18-wheelers are sometimes fatal. Lumber coming off of trucks, or cars on trucks that are transporting vehicles, can cause intense damage, injury, suffering and death on the highway. An accident lawyer in Hickory typically handles several cases a year that involve road accidents that resulted from items that have fallen off of trucks and other vehicles that are traveling on the freeway.

Other parties may sometimes be held liable, as well, depending on what caused any item to fall off the truck or vehicle. In many cases, such as the driver transporting excrement, the driver is usually liable because the load is not secured appropriately. In other cases, fault may lay with poor road maintenance if debris has fallen off of a truck and is left in the road for a certain period of time. A city may be found liable for leaving debris on the road for several days, for instance, if it causes an accident. Drivers who are driving too fast and hit debris on the road may also be held liable in the event of a car crash.

An accident lawyer in Hickory can fully discuss various possibilities and options in regard to damages or injuries sustained in an accident that occurs due to debris on the road.

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