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Legal Marketing Secrets Revealed: How New Technologies Can Help Build Your Online Success by:Michael Canarelli

Legal Marketing Secrets Revealed: How New Technologies Can Help Build Your Online Success by:Michael Canarelli

Many attorneys - in Philadelphia and nationwide - make the mistake of conducting

their online marketing efforts in accordance with pre-internet era marketing strategies. This is a BIG MISTAKE!

By marketing the Old School way, you're missing out on numerous dynamic tactics - ones that can drive business to you, and help propel your firm to the top of the heap of competing law firms.

It's not enough anymore to just stick a legal ad in the Philadelphia Yellow Pages and call it a day. Attorneys who do so get left behind - quickly. In today's high-tech world, it's the smart lawyers who seek out expert legal marketing firms, so they can conduct a series of strategic, multi-pronged online marketing campaigns.

New technologies today let a business track its advertising expenses like never before, and detail efficiencies (which method is driving traffic to you, and which method is lagging behind) in ways unimaginable even a decade before.

Pre-internet, it often took months - and sometimes years - to learn the results of which ads or marketing methods were working, and which where wasting precious advertising resources.

Today, however, numerous programs allow you to track your results on a daily basis, so you can stop hemorrhaging money on methods that aren't working, and divert them immediately to ones that are. Here's how it works:

Advertising Metrics

One of the best-kept secrets to emerge is high-tech advertising metrics. Using a dynamic phone system, you can monitor incoming phone traffic from virtually any form of advertising, including yellowbook, yellow pages, TV, radio, pay-per-click, organic Google and even business cards. Each campaign is assigned a new dynamic phone number, which can be monitored from a web-based user interface with charts and graphs. A master system knows (by monitoring the "referring" domain) exactly where the visitor came from, and displays the appropriate phone number.

This technology is particularly valuable to service businesses - ones that deal in financial issues, or those of a sensitive nature. For most clients, bankruptcy is a very sensitive issue, and many potential clients feel far more comfortable discussing matters on the phone than blindly submitting their private info via an email or contact form.

To date, the majority of law firms are not able to measure their return on leads (or new clients) that they acquire via telephone. Innovative state-of-the-art systems and technologies now exist, and let attorneys pinpoint - down to a very granular level - exactly where the most new business is coming from. The icing on the cake? They also let you track where the most profitable business is coming from. Talk about advertising efficiencies - dynamic phone systems that track advertising metrics are at the forefront of legal marketing technologies, and savvy attorneys are jumping on board!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, as it's commonly referred to) involves a few different sub-tactics that, when combined, help organically increase your business' search engine ranking. By strategically weaving keywords throughout your web content, implementing a targeted linkback campaign, as well as a number of other techniques, you can propel your firm's rankings naturally. The best part - it's a small upfront investment and the pay-offs can be unfathomable.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The one downside to SEO is that it can take a few weeks (and sometimes even months) to see measurable results. Because the process relies on the various search engines themselves to seek out and index your site, it's not an instantaneous process.

One strategy many savvy business owners use to supplement the process involves integrating a pay-per-click advertising campaign in tandem with a SEO campaign. For a pre-set price (one that you determine beforehand), you can allocate a set amount of your advertising budget towards buying online ads that appear on relevant websites and in the sponsored areas of Google. What makes this an optimal way to advertise is that with today's technologies, your ads appear to a targeted audience - one as wide or narrow as you choose it to be. Many law firms target specific geographic regions and as such each pay-per-click campaign should be limited by geography. Your ad should not display for someone in Baltimore Maryland if you only service Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

By choosing strategic keywords along with utilizing negative keywords, you can make sure your advertisement is seen by top-shelf prospects, and that your money isn't being wasted on directing your ad to non-relevant ones.

These are just a few of the best-kept legal marketing secrets that many laypersons are unaware of, but ones that can make or break a business. So the question then becomes not, "Should I really use these methods," but instead, "How many of my competitors are?" For attorneys in Philadelphia, West Chester, Exton, and beyond, state-of-the-art legal marketing isn't an option - it's a crucial necessity to surviving and thriving in today's business environment.

As an attorney, you can run your business one of two ways: continually looking over your shoulder at your competitors, or running far ahead of the pack and never looking back. By utilizing these strategic marketing tactics, you'll be using your advertising dollars to their maximum efficiencies, and help drive your firm's legal marketing to soaring new heights of success!

About the author

Michael Canarelli is author of this article on Law Firm Marketing.

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