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Lawyer Q&A

Lawyer Q&A

Author: lawfaq

What can I do if my lawyer was paid but did not perform his duty?

I am in the middle of a divorce process. I paid my lawyer $7000 for him to settle the case with my ex spouse. But the lawyer has not done that yet and keep sending me more bills.?What should I do to push the.

What do corporate lawyers do?Lawyer Q&A

Almost anything related to the law. It depends on the corporation and the lawyer's duties. Contract negotiation is big, as is making sure the corporation obeys all of its filing requirements with the local/state/federal governments governments. Remember, home owners associations, drug manufacturers, construction companies, charitable organizations, etc. are each some type of business.

What do I do if a lawyer I hired, didn't show up to my court date after I paid him to be there?

I hired a lawyer here in Texas to take care of 3 tickets I had in a different city. He was aware the tickets were warrants at the time I hired him. He told me to.

What do I do when I feel my lawyer has not done his job?

My lawyer was referred to us by the opposing lawyer. We found out later why he referred him. I could of done a better job. We lost our case & on top of that, the lawyer reccomended a 3rd party to take care of medical.

What do i do when i want my lawyer to settle for LESS?

i think hes being greedy and i feel really bad because the lady didnt mean to hit me with her car. should i call her insurance company(geico) and have a talk with them? if someone sues a woman for 75,000 does she have to pay all.

What do I need to be a lawyer?

I'm pretty good in English, not so good in Math, but I can still handle basic Math.. You have a good start. You do not need math. we actually laugh about how bad at math we are. English is a very good major as well as other languages, political science, philosophy.

What do I need to do to be a Pennsylvania lawyer? And how long will it take?

You need to go to college (4to5 years.) You need to go to law school (3 years) You then need to study for and take the Penn Bar Exam. This can take 3 months to forever Shortest amount of time would.

What do you do when a lawyer dumps you for questioning the bill?

My divorce was final Sept last year. The bill came in the mail. Next came a letter from the state attorney general stating the division of property order was rejected because my lawyer used the wrong form. I sent a letter objecting to the invoice to.

What do you think about it?

i have to do this research on being a lawyer. and one of the things i have to research is what do people think about this job. so what are your guys views on being a lawyer? like how do you view them in society? I think if you want to be one.that's.

What do you think about this? I just came?

across it. Never could imagine why a teacher would show this movie? . I think the teacher should be fired, the parents should be sent to jail for bringing a law suit of that magnitude against a school district (the greedy lawyer should join them), and the.

What does a civil rights lawyer do?

Can someone tell me :) Sometimes civil rights lawyers will work with a nonprofit organization, seeking out cases where people's rights are in jeopardy and offer to represent them for little or no money. These lawyers are out to defend people's rights, and they will get paid via private and public supporters..

What does 'indicted' mean. At court this am lawyer said this & case is moved to superior court.?

Said to call and make appointment for him to explain, and needed to settle up. I am frightened by this, I need answers sooner than an appointment Indicted means the prosecutor has present the case before the grand jury, the grand.

What does it take to become a judge?

Do you have to take a test? I heard that you either have to be elected or be appointed by a governor. Do those options include taking a test also? Thanks. You need to the 'Bar Exam' and if you pass on the first try then you can become a lawyer.

What does P.C. stand for in a NY lawyer credentials.?

Received a letter from some lawyer with PC credentials saying he is representing a class actions suit payment. I think it is a scam but am curious to hear what P.C. stands for behing his law office credentials. Anyone know! Professional Corporation, just means they are incorporated as a.

What goes on in a deposition for a workmans compensation case? is it something to worry about?

The other lawyer asks you a lot of questions that you must answer under oath. Then your lawyer asks you questions to clarify your answers and undue any damage that you did in the answers. I've seen them last from 15.

What happens if someone is issued a summons as the respondent for a divorce hearing?

And does nothing about it? What is the process from there? The person who has requested the divorce will have their lawyer reissue it in a while and if there is still no response, the lawyer will make an appeal to the court for.

What happens when Someone dies intestate?

Depends on the jurisdiction. Hire a lawyer and find out. At common law everything went to the English king, unless given to an heir. In Roman times, a will was made, if you were rich and had something to give. If not, well it went to whoever was strong enough to keep.

What I do about a lawyer that i paid him to do a will and he refusing to do the will or telling me what the?

the deal is with it. He won't even communicate with me he intends to do it. He refuses to do call me. The secretary said all I can do is give him the.

What if it ended up to be a fatality?

and you waited to days latter after you hire a lawyer and you tell your lawyer you thought you hit a deer but you no better because that person was riding a bike and you just left him there to die Sorry but that is murder, you should immediately turn.

What is a divorce or separation really like on the inside?

I know to get one I have to go to court or a lawyer. If I am not legally separated from him, but we are apart for a year or severeal years, can I get a quickie divorce after that year, or do I have to go through.

What is a pre trial conference?

i have an upcoming court date and i have a pre trial conference . what takes place at these ? i do not have a lawyer since it is minor offense Generally, the judge wants to know what you, and your opposing counsel, intend to do at trial. You need to tell the.

What is Gonzales hiding in the suddenly 'missing' and unrecoverable email messages?

Al 'Fredo' Gonzales is a lawyer who supports torture and any actions including assassination as tools for an unlimited presidency.He is a fool and perfect for a banana republic and world bully like the USA today. Bush finally found a fellow moron. Gonzo lied and his credibility.

What is jury pick?

i have to go to court next month for jury pick what does this mean and would both partys have to be there? i have a lawyer but i cant get a hold of her to ask so iam asking all of you out there. I can't tell from you question if you are a.

What is litigation and how does it differ from mediation, conciliation and arbitation?

The only thing those words have in common is '..ation'. - check it out on - litigation seeks a courts ruling, mediation means we sit down and mediate the situation a lawyer sits in the middle and helps them work it out, - Mediation.

What is the best route, financially, for a divorce settlement?

writing my own divorce papers, to save $ in lawyer fees. so i can't consult one on this subject, yet (had 1 mtg, more req. retainer) . i'd like answers based on knowledge/exp. no judgemental notes, plz. thanx. in dividing assets: he gets the house, a rental we own.

What is the difference between a lawyer and an attorney?

There is no difference. Some people just prefer one name over the other. - No difference: regardless of what you call them, they're cretins that contribute nothing worthwhile to our society. -RKO- 04/17/07 - Those are just two names for the same thing. - Well they are the.

What is the difference between paying a lawyer $500 to settle a dui case and just pleading guilty via a DA?

I was arrested for a DUI, admitted to drinking, blew a .14 on the official breathalyzer, and it was at a checkpoint on St. Patty's Day. I also have a prior arrest for public intox in 2002. I.

What is the maximum amount of interest you can charge on an unpaid debt in Utah?

Someone vandalized my property and I got them to sign a police report admitting to it. We had our lawyer write up a contract of repayment that she signed. The lawyer didn't add to that contract any terms or consequences of her not.

What is the statue oflimation to collect for a medical bill that was to be paid by our lawyer in a settlement?

more detail is that our lawyer at the time ordered a machine for my sons wrist and we told the companywe did not want it and to come and get the machine they refused we tryed several.

What kind of lawyer do I need to evict a tenant?

I need to hire a lawyer to evict a tenant for non payemnt of rent. What kind of lawyer do I need? Do I need a real estate lawyer? what's the average fee to process the case? Thanks There is a specialized attorney that specializes in this type.

What kind of lawyer do I need?

I am trying to get a refund for a computer I ordered online but never received due to the company screwing up with UPS. They say I'm not entitled to a refund, but UPS and advice from the kind folks on here say different. What sort of lawyer should I look for?.

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