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Is There A Maximum Size To The Packages That I Can Transport Via Bike Messenger?

Is There A Maximum Size To The Packages That I Can Transport Via Bike Messenger?

When you're shipping a package with a regular parcel courier

, you usually don't have to worry too much about the size of the package that you are sending. You simply tell the courier how much it weighs, and they will base your bill partly off that amount. On the other hand though, if you are shipping something with a bicycle courier, you have to aware that they can only carry packages that weight up to a certain limit, and which are under a certain size. You should always make sure with your courier service before you send anything with their bicycle messengers that they can carry packages of the size that you wish to send with them.

Bicycle messengers are one of the fastest ways to transport goods around the downtown of a large city. They have a lot more agility when it comes to getting around traffic and crowded streets, and they are much easier to park. The primary advantage is in the cost of using a bicycle courier. Because they take no fuel, and have much lower insurance requirements, it costs the couriers much less to operate the bicycle than any car or delivery van.

Logic is the primary indicator of what you should and should not send with a bicycle courier. The main reason there are guidelines in the first place is because if something is too big or too heavy, it would simply be impossible for a bike messenger to carry it. Imagine yourself on a bicycle, and decide if your package would be easy to carry and you'll have a good start.

The weight limit on a package for a bike messenger is generally ten pounds. Some companies might say slightly more than this, but it is a good starting point when deciding if you should call a bike messenger or a larger courier service. Just because a package is light though, don't forget about the size of the package.

Something which is extremely large, or especially delicate, should not be sent with a bike messenger just because it weighs less than ten pounds. Very large shipments are too awkward to be safely carried on a bike, and can easily cause an accident if a messenger tries to carry them. Also, packages carried on bicycles are subjected to much more bouncing around than those that are shipped via courier, making very breakable packages also a bad choice for this type of shipping.

by: Paul McDuffy
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