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Important Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Women are naturally afraid of getting breast cancer as it is a life threatening disease

that affects the women in every corner of the world and has become a global epidemic. Adequate knowledge about the disease and risk factors can help preventing the disease and getting in time appropriate treatment. If we look into the reality not a single woman is risk free as every woman occupying this earth is at life time risk of being attacked by the disease and there are certain risk factors which increase the risk to be attacked by the disease and among these factors some are controllable while others are uncontrollable risk factors.

Uncontrollable Risk Factors

There are some uncontrollable risk factors that are not in control of any woman and these factors contribute to increase the risk of developing breast cancer.


Living as a woman is one of the major risk factors to develop breast cancer, although men are also at the risk to develop breast cancer but the risk is lower for them so women are strongly recommended to take care of their breasts and play a vital role to by being breast aware to catch the cancer at initial stage. Breast aware women better understand that how their breasts look and feel normally and what is the normal size and shape of breasts, how the skin looks like normally and in which position does the nipple remain etc so she promptly observes the changes.


Age also comes into the category of uncontrollable factors because no one can control the growing years of age and the risk to develop breast cancer increases as women age naturally thats why older women are strongly recommended to go for the breast screening regularly so that cancer can be diagnosed at initial stage when it is easily manageable.

Family Background of Cancer

Having close relations with breast cancer increases your risk to be attacked by the disease five times more than women without having family background of cancer. Close relatives include blood relations such as sister, mother, daughter etc, however distant relatives also affect the intensity of risk for women but the level of intensity is lower comparatively like it is two times more than other women.

Personal History

If a woman has had abnormal biopsy in the past especially if she has been diagnosed with atypical hyperplasia her risk to develop the disease increases more than others.

Early Menstruation

Early menstruation that is before the age of 12 puts a female at higher risk of breast cancer comparatively.

Late Menopause

Menstruation is strongly linked to the breast cancer risk as early menstruation increases the risk to develop breast cancer similarly late menopause puts women at increased risk to develop breast cancer like if a woman experience menopause late after 55 years of age her risk is increased. These are the risk factors that cant be controlled by women or anybody else in the world so one thing that can be done by women is to be vigilant about the breast abnormalities and observe them while performing breast check as the part of their breast awareness routine.

by: Alley James
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