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Different Types Of Spa Treatments

Spas are usually associated with excellent beauty and relaxation services such as massage and aromatherapy

. Many spa centers are also known as wellness centers, offering various types of therapeutic services. They also incorporate alternative or naturopathic medicines.

In fact, some spa centers are primarily focused on alternative healing techniques. Clients who go to these spas are seeking help to treat ailments or at least alleviate their pains. These are different from medical spas that operate under the supervision of a medical doctor or other healthcare professionals. Aside from the typical beauty spa services, medical spas also offer elective dermatological surgical treatments such as laser-aided surgery treatments of moles or lesions.

To some extent, those who are suffering from arthritis, certain types of skin ailments, fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses can benefit from the alternative healing services being offered by spa centers. Even those who are suffering from psychological problems such as depression can also benefit from spa treatments.

Although spa centers offer different types of treatments, the term 'spa' is historically associated with water treatment otherwise known as balneotherapy. The public baths of ancient Roman times were arguably the first spa centers that have the facilities and services that closely resemble the ones that can be found in the modern spa centers. These ancient baths became the foundation of modern spas.

Most spa centers offer wide range of services, which may include beauty treatments similar to what are offered by salons or hair studios. Some of the typical services offered by spas also include different types of therapeutic bathing such as sauna bath, mud bath, milk bath, and hot spring bath. On the other hand, beauty regimens may include body hair removal through waxing, facials, body wraps, nail care, and skin exfoliation.

In terms of operation and location, spa centers can be classified into three general categories. These are the day spas, the destination spas and the spa towns.

The most common of these are the day spas, which are very similar to beauty salons. These spas offer various beauty treatments such as eyelash extensions and hair treatments.

Destination spas are spa-resorts that have larger facilities wherein clients can stay for several days and expect to be pampered. These spas offer wide range of services, including relaxation, therapeutic and instructional services such as yoga classes. Many destination spas operate on certain themes or motifs such as tropical motifs. These centers are mainly intended for leisurely vacations.

Spa towns are also considered as tourist attractions and sometimes as religious pilgrimage centers because of the miraculous healing properties of the water in the place. These are typically not highly commercialized towns that only develop their reputations through word-of-mouth or anecdotal claims.

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