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Importance Of Siblings For Children

Importance Of Siblings For Children

Siblings are like flowers and leaves that live with each other for a lifetime

, being born from the same mother. They spend half of their age with each other playing, fighting and understanding and enjoying each others company. Life seems quite a happy one when they have either brothers or sisters with whom they can spend their time freely. Every time being with parents and trying to improve themselves also gets quite boring sometimes. Children do need time of their own where they can bond with someone of their age group.

Such closeness creates mutual understanding among them and builds strong bonds which are beneficial for the future. It develops a strong emotional connect with them and gives them a sense of security too. There are different types of siblings children may have like full siblings or half siblings, step ones, paternal and maternal siblings as well. When children have siblings they in crucial times turn towards them for help rather than their mother or father, which clearly explains the importance of having brothers or sisters.

These blood relations teach children companionship, team work, social skills, negotiation and managing conflict. Among all family relationships, sibling relations last longer than the others which prove of their pivotal importance. During childhood there is rivalry on petty issues while as they grow warmth and closeness develop until adolescence because they start putting up with their respective peer group.

There are cases where foster children are being brought up and their only sources of help are their siblings. In such cases foster children cant think about love and warmth from their parents who adopted them but cannot give them parental care. Cases related to foster kids who dont experience parental love dont grow up as a normal human because of the bickering they hear from them as well as the maltreatment they receive at their hands. Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk. , was quoted by Susan Scarf Merrell. Her quote is quite relevant in case of siblings and their lifetime bonds.Importance Of Siblings For Children

When children have their brothers and sisters around rivalry tends to flare up and it goes on for most of their lifetime, though, it decreases with time as they mature up. Such attitude teaches children the essence of having people who care for them and love them. They quarrel to get their parents attention especially their mother which was regarded by Sigmund Freud as the continuation of the Oedipus Complex. This helps them in developing a close-knit relationship with their siblings whom they consider rivals at home.

It teaches them the importance of family and the need to follow family traditions and values. The precious bond between them makes both sides yearn for their company whenever they are at separate places. Such a relationship develops only when children get very close to their counterparts in a family and become psychologically understanding, although unknowingly. Therefore, youngsters who have either brothers or sisters should feel lucky as they can experience true happiness and learn from each other at every step in life.

by: manishpaull
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