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Imation Tera Angstrom Improves 17532 Lto3 Reliability

Imation Tera Angstrom Improves 17532 Lto3 Reliability

The Imation 17532, the third version of the LTO Ultrium cartridge is improved with

basic features as well with new technologies for better data protections. Imation Tera Angstrom technology, which is mixed with some very important and reliable Imation original Multi-channel and Bi-Directional characteristic. Imation advanced Servo system, error correction, excellent data compression and multiple track layout enhanced LTO3 Tape, with more reliability and guaranteed performance. Imation is improved with excellent basic features as well improved data storage capacity and data transfer speed. Data storage capacity of 17532 LTO3, upgraded with 400GB native and 800GB with compressed data with same size of cartridge compare to Imation LTO 1 100-200GB and Imation LTO2 200-400GB. Imation also increased data transfer speed with 80MB/Sec native and 160MB/Sec compressed which is also double from earlier Imation LTO storage tape formats.

Imation LTO-3, offers excellent competence and perfect consistency as huge quantities of data can be preserved and recollect. Imation most reliable original Servo writing technique help out to optimize tape follow and assist to make sure exact read and write actions. LTO 3 17532, data storage tapes Position Error Signal (PES) offers a best-in-class technique for decrease Servo off-track failures and get better in general data transfer speeds. 17532 Bulk, also added with very important and unique technology for enhanced data and archival protection, Imation also offers WORM (Write Once Read Many) cartridge with re-writable formats.

Imation LTO3, offers WORM cartridges is for better archival submissions that needs storing data to be unaffected all through the preservation time. It is well-matched with WORM- Facilitate LTO Ultrium 3 tape drives, LTO 3 17532-Bulk, is devoid of a doubt a perfect tough and consistent choice for small and medium size ventures and corporate digital data storage environments. Imation also improved coating system for its new Ultrium 3 tape, with excellent advance dispersion method with the use of excellent formulation of smaller and thinner metal particles, and created an excellent smoother and even surface which improved with increased 704 data tracks with 12.65mm width and 690M long tape length.

Recent years most associations around the world have been relying on the LTO Ultrium technology which is perfectly offer a more reliable, robust, scalable and adaptable Open data storage tape format for their respective archival and storage needs. There for Imation always positively worked and has improved the power of the LTO Ultrium tape format with Imation LTO 3, data storage cartridge, this 3rd generation of reliable and durable storage tape format which offers the best combination and advantage of Linear, Bi-directional, Multi-Channel, flawless, and improved with extra data protection. Imation 17532 LTO 3 tape, is reliable and most advanced techniques and features combine to create excellent data storage tape format with particularly smoother surface, solid robust high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), offers flawless operations and also improved overall productivity. Imation LTO 3 tape, is compatible with all branded LTO Ultrium tape drives with perfectly reliable backward read and write ability with LTO1 and LTO2 data storage tapes. All branded LTO 3 re writable and WORM cartridges are available at

Imation 17532 LTO3 offers WORM cartridge which offers excellent data preservation, with improved data storage capacity and transfer speed.

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