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Identifying Your Mission And Purpose In Life

Identifying Your Mission And Purpose In Life

What is it that gets you up in the morning? Do you have a clear idea of what youre here to do


If you want to be happy and fulfilled in life this is something you ABSOLUTELY MUST be completely clear on.

Having a clearly defined mission and purpose is not just living the normal routines of life on autopilot, its about taking the time to examine who you really are, the core person, not the personas and masks you take on to make it through the day.

If you want to experience unlimited success and regain control of your life, then having a clear mission and purpose statement to refer to is a must!

Once you establish your purpose for this life, you gain direction and incentive to create more in your life whether thats more success or money, better health or a fantastic loving relationship.

So how do you define your purpose? Think of it like this; your vision is the where you want to be, the higher overarching goal that pulls you forward, it is the legacy you want people to remember you by.

Your mission is the how you plan on getting to that point, its the path you tread, the journey you take, this is the bit where the details get filled in.

Your purpose is the why you are doing what you do, your purpose should be there to serve you and others to a higher purpose, it should fill you with energy and purpose towards your vision.

Id like you to stop and think about that for a second, imagine how your life becomes less stressful as you know where you are headed. With a clear purpose in mind, your days instantly become more productive as you refine your decision making strategies- it gives you a bench mark to measure your choices by.

When you know that every t decision you make is going to satisfy your life purpose, life gets a whole lot easier!

So how do you become clear on your life purpose? The following process will help you uncover your purpose for this magnificent life.

Clarifying your mission and purpose;


To clarify your vision, take a blank piece of paper and daydream (yes it really is that easy). Sit and visualise what you would like your life to look like and how you see yourself earning a living and contributing to the world.

Write down on your sheet things like; what you do to earn a living, how does this fit into the bigger picture of serving others. Where is it you want to live, what does it look like. Who are you sharing your life and vision with.

The clearer you can get on the elements you consider important, the easier it will be to create your fantastic life!


Your mission includes the general how of your vision, its an overview of your path. Dont worry about pinning it down to the tiniest detail at this stage. Your mission should include all the elements you will need along the way to your vision. Think of them as mile markers along the way to your vision


This slots in with your vision, its the why you want all this. In this section fill in all the whys you can, include your personal motivations and dreams, how you want to contribute and the differences you want to make to the world. Write down the things you are passionate about. In fact, try to evoke as many of the deep key emotions as you can to really and truly connect on a deep emotional level!

By the end of this exercise you will have a sheet of paper with your hopes, dreams and plans for the future. Suddenly your path ahead will seem almost pre-ordained. When you look at your dreams I sincerely hope that you look at it and wonder how you could possibly do anything else but act on your vision immediately! Remember, there will always be time to make excuses but there is no better time to take action than RIGHT NOW!

In service,


by: Dr Simon N SmithAbout the Author:Simon is a success consultant and Imagineer. He works with clients helping them create their dream life, identifying igniting their passions and helping them remove any blocks and limitations that have held them back from the success they deserve. He helps clients focus on the five most important areas of their lives using his proprietary Imagineering process to create and cement big changes. Further information and access to the free ebook "10 Tips to make success inevitable" may be accessed guest:  register | login | search     IP( Maryland / Rockville Processed in 0.017481 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 46 , 4445, 953,
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