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How To Write Your Birth Plan Whilst Pregnant

How To Write Your Birth Plan Whilst Pregnant

Once you reach about 28-30 weeks you should think about organising a maternity hospital

bag which will hold all the key things that you and your new baby will need. If you have not already written your birth plan then you should not waste any more time once you have reached the third trimester.

Your midwife should have mentioned a birth plan to you and asked you to think about it at the start of your pregnancy. This gives you plenty of time to read all of the relevant books; research online and ask your doctor and midwife for advice. The most important thing to consider when you write your birth plan is what type of pain relief you would prefer. Maybe you do not want pain relief and wish to have a completely natural birth. You can write all your personal requirements on a birth plan and the idea is that whilst you are in labour, the medical professionals who are dealing with your birth can read the birthing plan and try and accommodate your wishes wherever possible.

Of course, sometimes things do not always go to plan and you may have to have medical intervention such as a C Section or forceps delivery. You cannot guarantee that your baby will be in the exact position for birth or that there will be no complications. You can think positively though and should have this mindset as you are writing your birth plan. If you feel very strongly that you would like gas and air but would prefer a mouth piece to a mask, then your birth plan will let the midwives know this. You may have your heart set on a water birth, or you may want to have calming music played for example.

Whatever you want to happen during the birth is entirely up to you and should be recorded on your birth plan. It is also important to remain flexible about your birth plan. For example you may have indicated that you wish to breast feed your baby but you may encounter difficulties along the way and you may end up finding this harder than you imagined. Do not be disheartened or feel bad if certain things change on your birth plan. Remember it is not set in stone.
How To Write Your Birth Plan Whilst Pregnant

Once you have discussed your birth plan with your partner and your midwife, you should place it at the very top of your hospital maternity bag as it is the first thing you should need once you have arrived in the delivery suite.

You should also remember to pack a nightgown to give birth in, maternity pads, breast pads, toiletries and things for your baby such as baby clothing, diapers, a hat and baby toiletries.

Take plenty of time when preparing your maternity hospital bag and writing your birth plan, and discuss it fully with close friends and family as they can often offer good advice and help you out with anything you are unsure of. Do not be embarrassed if you write on your birth plan that you do not want an epidural and you end up having one. You will not be the first person whom this has happened to, and you certainly won't be the last.

Remember to think of yourself when you are writing the birth plan and the same goes for packing your hospital maternity bag. Include some magazines, some music and some healthy energy giving snacks. Don't forget to pack a phone card so that you can telephone everyone you know to tell them the happy news.

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