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How To Use Affirmations For Best Impact And Create A Better Life

How To Use Affirmations For Best Impact And Create A Better Life

When you say "I can" and expect success, you fill yourself with confidence and happiness.

- Remez Sasson

Even as you write them and repeat them, affirmations can still be just words lost in a sea of deliberate creation attempts. You can improve the success of your affirmation work with additional steps. There are activities you can complete to prepare you energetically for receiving all of your good fortunes.

Here are some additional actions to further support your successful use of affirmations.

1.Use mental visions.

Turn your affirmations into mental visions. As you repeat the words of your affirmation, see yourself engulfed in this new experience. Feel the pleasure, the pride, the joy, and all of the feelings that are created as you imagine yourself in this scene. In addition to seeing visions, you can also feel the experience. You feel your feet hitting the ground as you run in the 10K for which you are training. You feel yourself sitting in the driver's seat of your new car. Involve as many of your senses as you can to capitalize on the feelings that accompany your affirmations.

2.Clear up resistance or limiting beliefs.

If your affirmations bring up feelings of fear, doubt, guilt, shame, disappointment or hopelessness, take the time to process these feelings. Sorting these feelings out and releasing them allow you to prepare the fertile ground that will grow your affirmations and bring you results. Resistance or limiting beliefs are the result of past experiences or programming. They are memories or beliefs that are kind of caught in your energy field, and they are having a significant impact on your ability to create your desires. Look into methods like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), energy psychology or energy healing, and intuitive counseling.

3.Journal your thoughts and experiences.

Accompany your use of affirmations with daily journaling. In your journal you can record your affirmations and your daily reflections on them. Sometimes you will find that you want to write several sentences, paragraphs or pages on one affirmation. Journaling allows you to release thoughts, feelings and impressions that are important to acknowledge and process. You can also use your journal as a victory log, a place to record activities you have completed or synchronistic experiences that have been drawn to you.

4.Create a vision board.

Take your affirmations and find pictures or images that you can attach to them. You can tape or glue these images to a large or small poster board, or create a digital slideshow with digital images. When you look at these images they activate an energy in you, they make you smile and remind you what it's all about.

5.Clean up your self talk.

Pay attention to your self talk all day long. When we first started these exercises, we became aware of our self talk. If you are regularly using affirmations, but are continuing to express yourself with lots of negativity and disappointment you will not achieve results. With practice, your positive thoughts and self talk will expand and connect to other positive thoughts. You will soon be saying, "I am a good person. Many things are now going my way and people are responding to me like never before."

6.Take action.

Back up your affirmations with action. In fact, some people believe the most important part of affirmations is preparing you to take action. As you align with the positive energy, gain clarity on what you want, improve your believability, eliminate your resistance, you will be able to take action that is aligned with your new energy and wisdom. The Universe will bring people into your life with the answers you need to move forward, the book you need to read or the class you need to attend will come into your awareness. You will clear the clutter from your office just in time to start that new project.

As you add these steps to your routine, you can begin to feel the shift almost immediately. You will feel better about yourself and your circumstances. These feelings let you know that you are on the right path.

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