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How to Treat an Injury - Naturally, Effectively and Homoeopathically

How to Treat an Injury - Naturally, Effectively and Homoeopathically

Author: Madeleine Innocent

Treating an injury can be so easy.

Some years ago, in my pre-homoeopathic era, a horse bit me on my bum. And I mean hard, she meant it! The bruising was impressive, over a large area, up my back and down my leg and the pain made it uncomfortable to sit down. The discomfort lasted a good two weeks. A different picture from this bite...

Imagine, for a moment, the picture of an angry horse about to attack - head up, neck stretched out, ears flat, mouth open, teeth bared and lunging forward, about to strike.How to Treat an Injury - Naturally, Effectively and Homoeopathically

Thats how my mare Pippa normally behaves towards a horse I look after. She really doesnt like her and lets her know. The other horse easily gets out of the way. Shes used to it.

I, on the other hand, am not used to such treatment! But, thats what I experienced this weekend! Well, I know I wasnt really the target of Pippas attack, I just got in the way.

And when theres food involved, Pippa is really aggressive towards the other horse.

For some reason I decided to clean out the pantry. (Im not noted for my eagerness to clean.) I found a couple of packets of bread sticks, which had gone stale.

Now horses love bread and wheat products, and I hate waste, so out I went into the paddock. Give the horses a treat I thought, not realising it would be me in for the treat.

I fed Pippa first then went over to the other mare, not realising Pippa was following me. Before I could feed the horse, my right elbow was clamped! And how! I yelled out, more in shock than pain and my arm was released.

It took me a few moments to realise what had happened. There was no real pain (pain takes a while to develop after shock), just a slight grazed and bruised feeling in my arm and a weird sensation in my hand.

I took a dose of the homeopathic remedy Arnica (the top injury remedy) straight away and waited to see what would develop. Nothing did. The weird sensation went away as did the bruised and grazed feelings. Another dose followed after about 10 minutes. I repeated the dose a couple of hours later when I felt the grazed feeling return. And I took another dose before bed, just in case. Four doses altogether.

No bruises developed, I never experienced any pain, and I wasnt even mad at Pippa...

Here are a few other tales about Arnica

A man with dyspepsia had so lost his strength he had to give up work. Years and many drugs later he visited a homeopath who wanted to know when the dyspepsia had started. On being told that it had come on after a kick in the stomach from a horse, he was given Arnica. It wasnt long before he was back at work, with no dyspepsia.

A woman with depression and chorea consulted a homeopath who found this had started after she had been knocked off her bicycle and was unconscious for 24 hours. A few doses of Arnica rid her of the left overs from the concussion.

A woman had taken Arnica for a fairly minor physical injury and this had healed up nicely. Then an old scar on her hand flared up, and pus oozed out. The scar was from a bad cut from broken glass she had sustained at a party 18 years ago. So she squeezed the pus and out popped a small piece of glass... that had been there 18 years.

A eight year old boy in hospital after a head injury was still in a coma ten days later. After receiving a dose of Arnica he came out of the coma the following day.

A ten year old girl had broken her arm after falling off her pony. Since then, she remained fearful of being hurt, not daring into the playground. A year later she was diagnosed with appendicitis (severe abdominal pain and a high white blood cell count). After a few doses of Arnica, the pain stopped completely, her white blood cells returned to normal and she kept her appendix. Her behaviour returned too, to how it was before the fall.

This lovely poem was written by Phyllis Speight, who wrote a little book called Arnica.


Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water

Jack fell down and broke his crown

And Jill had a bruised hindquarter

They both had pains inside their head

And suffered much from shock

And both their little noses bled - Theyd taken quite a knock

But now theyve both, Im pleased to tell

Established their Mens Sana

And what do you think has made them well?

Why! Arnica Montana. Keynotes for using Arnica are:

any injury minor or serious, including concussion overwork, over tired, over use of muscles bruised feeling fears being approached post operative pains, post dental extraction cant get comfortable, even a soft bed feels hard labour and post birth jet lag shift workers who cant sleep a great cold and flu remedy with aching muscles Having one bottle of Arnica in the kitchen, one in each bathroom and one in your handbag or on your key chain makes good sense to cater for an unforeseen injury. Youll never know how much good you did, or what you prevented happening.About the Author:

Written by Madeleine Innocent.

Do you want to learn more about natural health, in particular homeopathy? Check out my free ebook An Introduction to Some Common Homeopathic Remedies, by clicking on the website link below.

Good Health Naturally
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