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How To Travel Like A Pro by:Sam Serio

How To Travel Like A Pro by:Sam Serio

Travel Like A Pro: How To Tour The World In Style

Travelling in style is the way that most people see themselves travelling these days. It is infinitely possible, but the majority of the time, that plan goes completely wrong because we get caught up in packing, arranging documents and finances and forget to concentrate on what it is that makes travel so important - taking the time out to relax and chill out for a while. Travelling in style is the epitome of that for a number of reasons.

Travelling in style is all about taking care of yourself and making the time to do so. Very few people find that they can take their time when heading to the airport because, for the majority, it is a mad rush to pack grab everything they need and then get to the airport on time. It is possible though. There are several ways you can achieve this, and all require you to take certain steps:

Step one - Start planning the week before you are due to fly if you want to travel in style. Make a list of what you are to pack and lay out the outfit that you are to wear when you board the plane. It does not matter where you are travelling to, just as long as you remember to include all of the essentials in your carry on. A book, a music player of some sort, an eye mask, facial wipes and some candies to suck on when the plane takes off and lands so your ears do not pop! Make sure that your carry on is light but also contains a change of underwear just in case your luggage gets lost! This way, you don't get caught short.How To Travel Like A Pro by:Sam Serio

Step two - Plan ahead some more! This time, check out the essentials of the destination that you are heading to. If you want to travel in style then you cannot land in a mini-skirt and flip-flops if it is freezing cold and raining. Keep a watch on the weather forecast in the week before you fly because it will constantly update and give you a great idea on what to expect. Also, buy a map and travel guide so that you can easily find your way to your hotel when you get there. Travelling in style is all about being prepared and making sure that you can handle anything that your trip throws at you!How To Travel Like A Pro by:Sam Serio

Step three - Wear layers when you board the plane if you want to travel in style. If it is hot then you can strip off the layers, but a cold plane is nobody's friend and encourages bugs and colds to spread to the vulnerable. As a result, you want to be warm! If you wear layers then you also escape using the airline blankets! You can look good and feel good all in one go!

Step four - Finally enjoy it! Travelling in style should be fun! Air travel should not be a chore, but it will be if you view it that way! Travelling should be about adventure, so be determined to make it one!

About the author

Sam Serio is a marketing consultant, a special events promoter and an advocate for Chincoteague Island, Virginia tourism. Chincoteague Island is the premier family vacation destination on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and the home of the world famous Chincoteague wild ponies. To learn about this amazing eco-tourism paradise, please visit and . Discover Chincoteague Island through entertaining videos, blogs, informative articles and interviews with local personalities.
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