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How to Sell Beats Online

How to Sell Beats Online

How to Sell Beats Online

Hi, My name is Chris Bala and I am an online beat-seller. I have been selling beats online for about a year now and I can say that I am pretty successful doing so. My first month I generated over $2,000 off beats. So if you want some information on selling beats online, I can definitely help you out. With that being said, I will drop you a few pointers here to get you started on the right foot in your beat selling career. Let's break it down.

So you finally built yourself up a nice catalog of beats, you set up your website, and now you are ready to sell your beats online. This is sometimes the only thing producers get right when starting up their online business. The most critical aspect of selling beats online is not how hot your beats are, how much beats you have, or how fancy your website graphics are. The number one thing to make sure you get right is the marketing, period. So to save you a whole lot of time, I am going to break down the beat selling process in the most efficient manner for you to grasp. You ready? Alright let's begin.

Tip #1 : Beat Selection

When a rapper comes to your website to look for beats, what do you think is on his mind? The number one thing that is on his/her mind is beats. But it's not just one type of beat that is on his mind. Just think about it, the rapper has a mixtape or album ready to be made, and they are in need of a bunch of tracks,, not just one single genre of beats. So in order for you to up your chances of getting sales, you need to offer a variety of beat genres. By doing so, you will give the rapper SELECTION, which will better your chances of getting more sales.

Tip #2: Prices

Here is another critical aspect of selling beats online. You need to make sure your prices hit the "Sweet Spot". Now by this I mean you need to have your prices set to where it is most affordable for your customers, yet still profitable for you. Now there is a technique to this. You see, the average price for leasing a beat online is at $25. So the happy medium for you to have your beats should be around $19.95-$20.00. I personally have had the best success pricing my beats at these prices. Remember, your goal is to stand out from your competitors, so by having more affordable beats, you will definitely stick in the minds of your site visitors, and by setting the price according to the happy medium, you are still making profit. It's a win win situation.

Tip #3: Giving Away Free Beats

Here is one of my secret weapons right here. Alot of producers will give you alot of different opinions regarding free beats, but I can say for sure that it will help you out big time by doing so. Here is why. If you give away a free beat with your website or producer name tag on it, you will get your name out there by basically doing nothing. The rapper will download the free beat, make a song to it, then put it up on youtube or myspace. Then when other rappers listen to the song they made, they will hear your tag and eventually check you out if they like the beat. It is definitely one of the most efficient ways to getting exposure.

Tip #4: Customer Service

This is one area where about 90% of producers slack off. You need to be able to respond to customer questions pronto. If you receive emails regarding any questions about purchasing beats or anything of that nature, you need to respond asap. Just think about it. Every person who emails you a question or shows interest in your product is a POTENTIAL customer. Now just imagine if you can answer every potential customers question quickly. You are going to see alot more conversions of potential customers into regular repeating customers because you are building comfort with them. This is a BIG part of business, you have to build comfort.

Well, I think you can definitely start off on the right foot with these tips to guide you on selling beats on the internet, but if you want even more tips on how to market your beats online correctly, you can get some free tips at my page So that's that, I wish you the best in your beat-selling journey!

To Your Success,

Chris Bala
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How to Sell Beats Online