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How to Protect Skin from Tanning and Sunburn in Autumn

How to Protect Skin from Tanning and Sunburn in Autumn

Beauty is the base of confidence, and white-skinned face is the key of beauty

. Protecting your skin from tanning and sunburn is an absolute must for having a white-skinned face. So, as long as you can grasp some tips, you can be more beautiful and more confident.

Do Not Underestimate the Intensity of Ultraviolet Radiation in Autumn

The intensity of ultraviolet radiation in autumn is not inferior to summer. If you can not protect your skin from tanning and sunburn, melanin would still increase even if your whitening work should be done perfectly.

Wrong Understanding

If you want to have a very fair complexion, you should bask in the sun as little as possible, besides eating less pungent food and keeping relaxed mood. Most of people just apply with thin sun-protection products. In fact, even the SPF is 50, if you apply less, the sunscreen effect may only achieve SPF5.

Correct Understanding

In order to achieve the effect of sun-proof, you should apply the amount of sun-protection product as much as three times than lotion or cream. Try to apply multilayer of sun-protection product and the gap for each layer is 1 to 2 minutes for making them be well absorbed by skin.

Using Process

Fist, apply day cream or lotion having the effect of sun-proof as a base. Second, try to use fast-absorbing sun-protection product and repeat twice. If you have a habit of make-up, the foundation make-up and finishing powder having the effect of sun-proof will make award bonus for you.

How to Protect Skin from Tanning and Sunburn in Autumn

By: Christina
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How to Protect Skin from Tanning and Sunburn in Autumn