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How To Pick The Best Time To Travel by:Sam Serio

How To Pick The Best Time To Travel by:Sam Serio

Travel Smart: How To Pick The Best Time To Travel

Choosing the best time for a trip and combining it with cheap travel is an art form. It is about getting all of the factors that make any given place on Earth at its best and coming up with an approximate date as a result of it! There are so many factors to consider though, it can get extremely confusing and is easy to forget at least one of the most important factors that can help you make your decision. And considering how much some individuals spend on their vacation, leaving it up to chance is absolutely no good because it may well end up causing you to waste your money!

Following the areas below, you can figure out the best time to holiday for the cheap travel prices in whatever resort you choose, thus making the most of your money, time and effort!

Airfares How To Pick The Best Time To Travel by:Sam Serio

Domestic airfares rarely fluctuate, only showing marked differences between airlines rather than times of the year. However, international airfares do vary because of peak seasons being extremely marked. For example, in Europe, peak seasons tend to be from May to September, and in Australia it is the exact opposite. As a result, those areas may be crowded during those seasons, thus making the early or late months the best time to travel. It would not be crowded and the best weather and cheaper accommodation would still be in place for you, thus making it the best time for a trip


Hotels tend to offer cheap travel rates when bookings are at their lowest. As a result, you will probably find some sort of promotion on or be able to negotiate a discount for your business. You may actually be able to get some nights for free. This is of course the best time for travel as a result. The height of peak season would see the hotel crowded and rooms in demand, which would make it near on impossible for you to negotiate discounts.


The climate is extremely important in deciding when the best time for cheap travel is. If the climate is warm and inviting then you will find that rates will go up in line with demand, but the very early and very late summer usually provides the best time to travel. The peak of summer may be too hot for some people in certain destinations, but the former and latter end would usually provide good weather and an invitingly warm climate.

Natural Disasters

This does not apply everywhere, but it is definitely worth checking out whether an area experiences natural disasters such as hurricanes and when they are likely to occur. Cheap travel is offered at these times of year, but it is definitely worth paying that little bit more for your own safety.

Once all of these factors come together and coincide with each other, you have found your best time to travel. Seeking cheap travel at that specific moment in time may well yield great results and allow you to enjoy your trip safe in the knowledge that you have saved money that can be spent during your trip!

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Sam Serio is a marketing consultant, a special events promoter and an advocate for Chincoteague Island, Virginia tourism. Chincoteague Island is the premier family vacation destination on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and the home of the world famous Chincoteague wild ponies. To learn about this amazing eco-tourism paradise, please visit and . Discover Chincoteague Island through entertaining videos, blogs, informative articles and interviews with local personalities.
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