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How To Live A Long And Contented Life

How To Live A Long And Contented Life

If you've been thinking about all the horrible things that can happen to you if you are overweight

, I'm sure you've decided to become thin -- and to live a long and contented life.

You realize, of course, that like all other seemingly easy things, there's a catch to it. Yes, you're going to think yourself thin. But you're going to do a lot of other things in addition. Thinking is part of it -- a big part. But you've got to do a great deal more than just sit and think. Your telephone, the chair you're sitting in, the clothes you're wearing, these words you're reading -- they were all thoughts, first of all. But the thoughts were translated into action before they became material things. So your thoughts about getting thin, if you really want to be thin, will have to be translated into action, too -- and the result will be you -- the way you'd like to be.

You'll have to make yourself over! Your overweight condition has been caused by wrong thinking -- by a wrong way of life -- for you. The same way of life might not have caused obesity for a lot of other people, but -- face it -- it has caused obesity for you. That means that it is wrong for you. So you must acquire a new viewpoint -- and entire new outlook -- and you must follow through with this new outlook until you look -- and are -- the person you'd like to be.

You must know dozens of people, as I do, who have started diets, and never finished them. They've been enthusiastic, and lost 10 or 18 pounds. Then, within a few weeks, gained all of the pounds back again -- and maybe added a few more for good measure. I know one man who did even better -- or worse -- than that. He went to an expensive doctor, who examined him and gave him a diet.

"Have you started your diet?" I asked him.

"No," he said. "I'm going away for a five-day weekend. When I come back, I'll start the diet."

I talked to him two weeks later.

"How is your diet going?" I asked.

"Oh, I haven't started yet," he told me. "You see, it's very difficult for me to diet because I'm not too well. In fact, I must have an operation -- but the doctor doesn't want to operate until I lose weight. But I have to sort of work myself up to get into the mood to diet. I'll begin any day now."

He hasn't started yet -- but then he weighs only 233 pounds! The poor dear looks like a football, never feels well, and is still suffering from an injury to his leg -- which happened three years ago, because his weight keeps it from healing properly. He'll never get thin until he learns about obesity -- and he refuses to learn.

You're all you have. Your family, your friends, and even your earthly possessions, are yours in a far less realistic way. You can do a lot about developing your mind and soul. But without a good body, your mind and your soul -- things being what they are on this earth -- will be in a pretty difficult spot. To become thin, in the way you should be thin, you must learn to have a disciplined mind, and to be a responsible person. Instead of rationalizing your indulgences, you must realize your potential. You have the opportunities for discipline and, though the word may seem out of place here, for culture. You can become physically and mentally the person you should be only by putting thought to it.

Now, you can't get thin unless you understand your body -- and your mind, too. Otherwise you can dip into fifty diets. Some will make you reduce. Others will leave you about where you were. Some will be helpful. Others might not be so good. But there will be no permanent change unless you know where you're going, and know what to do about it. You may get on a bus and ride and ride. It may be most interesting along the way. But unless you know where you want to go, and take the bus that will get you there, at the end you won't be much better off than you were when you started.

Good luck may land you at your destination, but it isn't at all likely. Usually you'll be worked out, far from home, and a little mystified because things happened the way they did. Any good diet will reduce your weight. But unless you learn about obesity, and learn why you are overweight, and then apply the right remedy for you, you won't reduce properly -- and you won't stay thin.

by: Anthony Churchill
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