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How To Get Your Power Back And Change Your Life

How To Get Your Power Back And Change Your Life

It's very disempowering to see yourself as a helpless victim

. Unfortunately many people make this mistake. The reason why some people feel powerless is because they think that they have no influence over their lives. They perceive other people and circumstances to be more powerful than themselves and it becomes so in their lives.

Helpless victims don't realise that their decision to feel powerless makes them so. They also don't understand that they could choose to think in a different way and thus change their destinies at any time.

People who feel helpless do so because with their thinking they create an external power which they perceive is more powerful than who they are. This power can be other people, the government or other external forces that threaten their survival or well being.

Helpless people tend not to learn about themselves so they remain ignorant to the laws of the universe which could easily explain why they get negative results and would help them turn their lives around.How To Get Your Power Back And Change Your Life

If they would care to become more self aware by gaining more self growth knowledge, they would realise that they create these external forces with their thoughts. They create something that they fear and so they have the power to eliminate this illusion. Once the illusion is taken away, they would clearly see themselves in control of everything that's happening in their lives.

The less people are interested in their self improvement, the less likely they are to live fulfilling lives. It all comes down to expanding your awareness. For example, if you are overweight and don't bother to learn about proteins, good and bad carbohydrates and different types of fats, you will remain overweight because you will be ignorant of which foods make you overweight.

The same applies to the subject of helplessness. If you don't educate yourself about personal power, mind capabilities and your inner voice, you will keep thinking that external things control your life and that will keep you stuck.

Here are the steps you need to take to go from hopelessness to complete self empowerment:

1. Understand that your thinking creates your world. The only reason you may not think so at the moment is because you don't pay attention to your thoughts. Try to become aware of the content of your mind by being alert to what thoughts you entertain every day.

2. Coach your inner critic. Helpless people have critical inner voices. To change that, affirm a positive statement that is in opposition to whatever negative comment you get from your inner voice. You should repeat this positive statement 20 times to override the negative statement. If you do this regularly, your inner critic will become your personal success coach.

3. Don't listen to the opinions of other people. You need to learn to trust yourself. Even if you make mistakes, you will at least learn from them rather than listening to someone else and not experiencing any personal improvement as a result.

4. Get inspirational CDs. If you have negative friends you will sooner or later buy into their disempowering view of the world (or you have already done so). To get your power back, get empowering CDs to listen to. Which leads us to the next important piece of advice...

5. Stay away from people who are negative. The people you spend time with greatly impact your mindset and your destiny. The words of other people are so powerful that one short sentence carelessly thrown by your friend can totally destroy your chances of success.

6. Ignore mainstream information channels. TV, magazines and newspapers love to feed people's minds with the most horrible information you can find: suicides, unemployment, human cruelty and so on. People who consume such information all the time insure that their destiny will be the same as of the masses. To make sure you stay in control of where you are headed in life, avoid negative information as much as you can and instead focus on the quality of your actions to achieve your goals and shape your destiny the way you want.How To Get Your Power Back And Change Your Life

I don't know any successful people that would spend time with less than positive people and they do so for a reason - they avoid getting influenced by the people they don't want to be like. So choose wisely who you spend your time with.

If you apply the advice given in this article it will empower you to get in control of your life. Once you gain your personal power back, you will be able to craft your life in a way that pleases you rather than what you think is possible. That will lead you to true sense of freedom and happiness.

How To Get Your Power Back And Change Your Life

By: Simona Rich
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