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How To Get Backlinks - One Way Links?

How To Get Backlinks - One Way Links?

Pretty much everyone who has had a website knows the importance of back links

. They are a great measure of your ranking strength in the search engine, and they are actually pretty easy to get.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to get them. While it can seem pretty overwhelming at first, getting backlinks can quickly become the easiest part of your website business. Here are a few of the fastest and easiest ways to get back links for your site:

1. Forum posts - this one is really easy, especially if you are interested in your website's topic. Simply Google the topic of your website and forum, and try to join at least 3. Then make your signature a link to your website, and try to post at least 20 posts per day per forum. It really should only take an hour or two per day, and since your posts stay active in the forum, you know that the links will stay active as well. The only bad thing about this method is that all of your links will be from 3 sites, and that the traffic you get is somewhat unpredictable.

2. Yahoo! Answers - almost as easy as forum posts, but can get much more repetitive. Just go to Yahoo! Answers and create an account. Then go into your settings, and set them to be notified every time an open question is posted in your category. Answer the question as best you can, then put the link to your website in the resource box. The things that I don't like about this method are that there are only so many questions to answer, and that the traffic is again unpredictable. Also, people tend to ask the same questions over and over and over again, so it can be repetitive.

3. Articles - even the articles take much longer than either forum posts or yahoo answers, they are a great way to create a large number of back links while simultaneously driving a ton of traffic to your site. The reason that they are so great is because if your article gets published, you can receive backlinks from content that you've already created. This is a much more efficient way to work, as you can get multiple back links from content that might have created years ago.

4. Blogs - there are two ways that you can create backlinks with logs: you can either post comments on others blogs, which takes forever but is very efficient; or you can simply create your own blogs to help drive traffic to your web site, or even build a blog into a website. Now I know what you're thinking, if it's on your website how can it get links? Submit your blog to RSS feeds and that way anyone who uses the feed will automatically create a backlink to your site.

Again this is a very efficient way to get a lot of backlinks quickly as you are getting potentially hundreds of backlinks from each one piece of content that you create.

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How To Get Backlinks - One Way Links?