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How to Choose a Dog's Kennel

How to Choose a Dog's Kennel

How to Choose a Dog's Kennel

Just like you need a comfortable home to stay in, so does your dog. It is convenient for you and your dog if your pet has a suitable kennel. Small dogs do not require a dog kennels of their own. When it comes to a big dog, it is very essential to have a proper dog kennel. It formulates an essential part of dog care. You should make sure that the kennel is properly maintained and hygiene is taken care of.

Constructed or ready-made kennel

The first thing to do is to decide whether to buy ready-made kennel or to construct it yourself. Although setting up a dog kennel sounds like a daunting task, many are quite simple to build.How to Choose a Dog's Kennel

Kennel's size

An important factor to protect your dog from sleeping outside its kennel, because it is smaller for the pet's size which will make them feel uncomfortable in it. And this may also lead to some permanent injuries. That is why, before looking for the dog's house, you should measure your puppy first so they can turn round inside, with some additional inches. the Ability to move (Many kennels are build on concrete slabs and can't be moved, but this is a consideration if this is an important feature)

Kennel's roof

The roof should be flat but slightly predisposed to allow rainwater to drain. You should also keep in mind that the roof should not be fixed, so to make it easier for you to clean. the owner should exclude the dog: not a punishment just for cleaning. However, you should keep in mind that the roof of the house should be removable so you can clean it with ease.

Kennel's ventilation

While setting up the dog house, raise it a few inches above the ground to keep it damp-free and allow air to flow underneath.

Kennel training

Now that the dog's house is ready, how to let your pet get used and also love its kennel? This is where the importance of training comes. To do so, never chain your dog the kennel only for a short supervised time. A chained dog can attack anyone without warning because the chain is preventing it from a normal fight since the chain is forcing the pet to fight. According to some rescue workers Hurricane Katrina, many dogs were found dead at the end of chains. They even may hang themselves trying to reach food or water. Do you really think that the chain will make your animal a good guard? Of course not, it will just make it worst by creating a psychological damage which can lead to a high aggressive pet that can attack without a notice.How to Choose a Dog's Kennel

Chain to the kennel

Dogs are sociable pets that like to feel rounded, so chaining may lead to get them unused to human interaction and can drive them to attack at anytime. Based on rescue workers testimonials after the Hurricane Katrina, many dogs found dead at the end of their chains. However, doing it for a short term of time with supervision is not that harming.

Kennel's rules

How nice to see kids playing with a dog in the garden, but it's also significant to clarify that they should keep away from playing in the dog's kennel, and also respect the animal once inside its house. Like humans, after a tough day, we like to go back home to rest, and so are the dogs, they also need to take a break once tired in their territory.Finally, the best choice is a dog kennel that fits nicely in the space you have available, but is still big enough that Rover can walk around. The dog kennel should also provide shelter and room to eat and drink. It should also be sturdy, stable, durable and easy to clean. Make sure the dog kennel has good ventilation so that it dries quickly and is comfortable. If the dog kennel doesn't have a roof, you should be certain that the walls are high enough to prevent escaping or any other animals from getting in.
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