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How to Build a Profitable Web Site For Beginners by:David Lee

How to Build a Profitable Web Site For Beginners by:David Lee

One of the coolest things I love to do immediately every morning is to check the Internet and find out how much money I made while I was sleeping

. It is by far an exhilarating experience to wake up and see that you made money from doing nothing. One of the greatest things about making money on the Internet is that after some bumps in the road you can easily make a full time living and never have to work for that mean boss again.

Imagine waking up, having your Coffee, reading the paper, going to the gym or take a bike ride then come back and check your profits to see that you made some money? Sounds like fairy tale land but millions of people are doing it each and every day and you can too with a little determination and some work.

Now, what gets me the most is when i hear and see all of these Internet sites trying to sell you something claiming you will be rich in 24 hours. It makes me sick to my stomach when i see this because in reality, 99% of these are scams and all they want is your credit card payment so they can make their commission on your hard earned dollar. Sound a little familiar so far?

I have been scammed many times and fell for the bait and suckered into many of these programs throughout my Internet marketing learning experience. It can be very enticing at times when you see a well written article or ad on a web site claiming riches overnight especially if tons of money was put into creating the web site for a true professional look.

I am guessing you are new and want to know where to start?

One of the first and most important things I cant stress enough is to start blogging. is free and it is extremely simple to use. No, it is not a web site but if you learn enough about how to blog, I personally guarantee that when it comes to building your first web site, it will be with much ease than confusion.

Now, Blogger is free but eventually you will want to have your own web site so that you can run and edit it as you please. has the rights to delete anything they wish if need be. Why? Blogger is owned by Google, that's why. Do not worry for now, just start blogging and learn the baby steps before jumping into the more advanced stuff like Html or codes. Now, assuming you have learned a little about blogging and are ready for a web site, below is where you need to be.

If you were to ask me, what are the best tools you need to build a great web site, I would urge you to do it yourself.It is very important to understand how to do this and after some time of bumps and bruises ( which you will get ) you will be well acquainted with the whole structure of web sites and editing.

let's look at the 5 Essential Tools:

The first tool you need to build a great web site is a HTML Editor.

A HTML Editor is a software application to write web pages. There are many different brands on the market, including Microsoft, Adobe Dreamweaver and so on.

With a HTML Editor, you are now able to write content of your pages by adding in the HTML Codes. I strongly suggest you get one soon and start playing around with it. Start to mess around with all of the functions and remember that there is always a help button that will show you the way if you get confused or have a brain fart.

The second Essential Tool you need is knowledge of HTML Codes.

You need to learn some coding.The basic HTML codes you need to know are:





Headers (H1, H2, H3)




Including all of the above, I would recommend to learn format size, color of your font, and background stuff. Go buy a book at Borders if you do not want to stare at a computer all day reading.

The third Essential Tool is a Domain Name.

The domain name is the name of your web site. For example, It is highly recommended to get a domain name ending with a .com. Since there a millions of people starting a web site business, you most likely will not get the domain name of your liking right of the bat. So, try inserting some lines or dashes in between your words. Example:

Expect to pay about $9.00 per year for the domain name which is nothing because once you start making money, you will laugh at that.

The fourth Essential Tool is Web hosting.

The most simplest way to explain what this is by comparing this to a storage container. When you rent a storage container, you pay to have them keep your stuff inside and protected. The more stuff you have, the bigger the container you will need. A web host ( which is very cheap now days ) will contain and store all of your files. simple? That is really all you need to know about web hosting. Unfortunately, you need it in order to have you very own web site.

The fifth and final Tool you need to build a great web site is FTP Software.

FTP Software enables you to transfer data from your computer to your web site on the Internet, and vice versa. There are other ways but they are often complicated and time consuming whereas using FTP Software is the easiest and simplest way.

Good luck on your web site building and your new career in Internet marketing. Thank you for reading this.

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