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How To Better Understand The Cycle of Life and Death

How To Better Understand The Cycle of Life and Death

Everyone is going to go through the two cycles of life and death

. But we have not moved from the ritual of tears and sadness, to one of celebration of life that went from the hell that we live in to heaven with God, as it should be.

If you are a religious person as most Latinos are then you probably think that when we die we go to heaven. As the Bible says heaven is a perfect place, eternal peace and joy with the creator. This is the belief in life after death of God's believers.

Has a loved one of yours died in the past? did you cry a lot? Knowing that heaven is a perfect place why mourn for someone who is going to be in a better place than where he came from? Some say we live in hell first after reaching heaven. The hell is this life full of evil, poverty, violence and destruction.

Millions of children worldwide are dying of hunger because they have nothing to eat and no water to drink. While millions and millions of people across the world turn on the TV to watch a music awards show to see gowns worth thousands of dollars that a singer/actress put on for the red carpet. That is horrible, that's a real hell, that's the reality we live in. Mourn and mourn because someone already left that place? Nonsense!

When you graduated from high school that was a very proud moment for you. It was a moment full of pride for parents to watch their children take that important step from youth to adulthood. If you believe in God and in heaven then we should have pride and peace to know that person we loved went to a better place. That person graduated to another cycle of their existence. That person is no longer a physical being that can be damaged, that person is in spirit with God's plan. We should be proud of that person for the life that they had and the positive impact they had when they were here, happy to see see that they graduated from this life to a perfect existence.

It's almost impossible not to mourn for most people, but hopefully the understanding and acceptance of the cycle of life and death continues to grow. Hopefully we reach a day where the bitterness and sadness that fills our hearts will be filled with peace and quiet that at last that person we loved is resting in peace in a better place. I know the sadness of knowing that someone in your life is gone but they will never leave you if you carry them in your heart. The never leave if you know that someday you will find them in heaven.

The cycle of life and death is a cycle that we have to go through. You live in a physical hell called life until you reach the perfect state of existence that is heaven. You have to have inner peace knowing that we will leave something for a better place when we have to leave from this world.

Do not cry so much for someone who is with God and that it is resting in peace. I really do not think that person staring at you from the sky is crying for not being here :)

How To Better Understand The Cycle of Life and Death

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