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How many times a day should I brush my teeth? When should a Child have his/her First Dental Appointment? What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

How many times a day should I brush my teeth? When should a Child have his/her First Dental Appointment? What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

How many times a day should I brush my teeth?

If you are avidly interested in general dentistry, or just someone looking to keep good dental health, and are wondering how many times a day should you brush your teeth, then check out how a little background knowledge into cosmetic dentistry and overall dental hygiene can benefit you.

The first thing you want to consider when looking to get clean teeth through regular brushing's is the type of toothbrush you use. There are two core variances of tooth brushes, those that are electric, and those that you use manually. With a high dollar brand name electronic tooth brush you will find you will get a higher degree of cleaning and plaque removal in a shorter amount of time, than you could achieve with a basic manual tooth brush.

Another factor that determines how many times a day you should brush your teeth is the toothpaste you use. While the difference in clean isn't as large with brand names of tooth paste as there is with tooth brushes, there is an altering factor with pastes and gels approved by the ADA being preferred.

Now that you understand a little bit about general dentistry and clean teeth, you can make the decision on how many times a day it is necessary for you to brush your teeth. With higher brand names of tooth brushes and pastes, you can get away with two times a day once in the morning and once again before bed, but to assure clean and if you use a manual tooth brush you want to look into brushing about three or more times a day with once in the morning, once after lunch, and once before bed, but any time after a large meal, or even a snack is a perfect time to negate the build up of plaque.

When should a Child have his/her First Dental Appointment?

The AAPD recommends your child see a dentist when his/her first tooth erupts which is usually the time of their first birthday and no later than three years of age. The most important aspect of the child's first initial visit to the dentist is to become comfortable and to get acquainted with the dentist and staff. If your child's first visit to the dentist encompasses a comfortable and pleasant experience, they will not pick a fight when it's time to go on their dentist appointments because the first visit has helped build trust on the part of the child and will serve to ease the child's perceptions of future dental visits.

One way to ensure that your child's first visit to the doctor is a pleasant one is to visit a well established children dentistry that specialize in the area of being able to handle the needs and different personalities of children. It may also help a child feel more comfortable on his or her first visit to the dentist if a parent or guardian can also stay in the room until a time that they are comfortable going alone.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the improvement that comes about through dental work that enhances a person's smile, gums, and appearance. The orthodontics dentistry is recognized by the American Dental Association in regards to dental cosmetics and esthetics. When someone opts for cosmetic dentistry, the following are some procedures that are performed.

1. Tooth bleaching or whitening- This procedure is the most common type procedure in the field of cosmetic dentistry performed. There are many teeth whitening options available including over the counter products but supervised dentist treatments remain the number one recommended procedure for whitening discolored teeth.

2. Veneers- These are tailor-made, ultra thin porcelain laminates which are directly bonded onto the teeth. These porcelain veneers are a great option for disguising discolored teeth or closing gaps between teeth.

3. Dental Crowns-dental crowns are used in order to restore posterior and anterior teeth that have become broken are at a risk of becoming broken due to fractures or old fillings that are over-sized.

4. Dental Implants- This procedure is one of the latest procedures in cosmetic dental treatments used for missing or broken teeth and filling in the gap by using prosthetic teeth. This method of tooth replacement is permanent and helps prevent problems of functioning.
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