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How Long Does It Take to Learn French The Right Way

How Long Does It Take to Learn French The Right Way

There is undeniably no one correct answer to how long does it take to learn French.

Obviously the manner in which you choose to learn French will impact the outcome. You need to design a plan of attack, and you need to stick to the plan.

If you choose the right way, how long will it take? The answer is that you can be talking genuine French relatively well in about eight weeks.

But to acquire that level of conversational French so quickly there are some substantial aspects which you must incorporate in your plan of action.How Long Does It Take to Learn French The Right Way

It is necessary to make sure that your approach is conducive to facilitating and maximizing retention. For this, there are two matters to bear in mind. How the knowledge is presented to your brain can have a huge impact. Also very important is consistency and frequency.

Daily is vastly superior to weekly. While that might seem correct intuitively to many it is an important point. You will retain much more information if you absorb it more frequently, as you are not playing catch-up. Whatever you do, please allow that daily one hour of practice.

On the subject of how the information is presented, think of a push-pull analogy. Two extremes are as follows and you choose which you consider superior? The traditional classroom approach of using list of words and verbs for memorization? Or triggering the inquisitiveness of your mind to seek out additional vocabulary in context?

Of course the second approach is the best and you must choose French language learning tools which achieve this if you want a good answer to how long does it take to learn French!

That is easy to achieve with the right tools. Choose tools which give exposure and prominence to complete sentences in a conversational setting. Do not focus on programs which try to teach you many words out of context.

You can see that makes your mind actively search for more words to conclude sentences. Study after study has shown that information introduced into the brain in this manner is retained much better than information that you try to learn by other methods. It is also a much more pleasant and productive approach, so you will be more likely to stick to your commitment to learn French.

It gets even better though. You will also be getting closer to thinking in French. And to be competent in French you need to structure sentences as a French person would.

There are some great online French courses which adopt this approach and include immersion conversation modules. Sadly many approaches do not. So look carefully to make sure you will receive immersion in complete sentences as many have not yet incorporated this key aspect. These don't work as well as the ones which have truly immersive features.

The answer to How Long Does it Take to Learn French can be only eight weeks with a plan accommodating the above features!

How Long Does It Take to Learn French The Right Way

By: Norman Dowling
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