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How Long Do Accidents Affect Insurance Premiums

How Long Do Accidents Affect Insurance Premiums

Accidents are part of our life and we have to accept it

. They happen no matter how safe you are driving, because you can control your car, while being on the road, but there are so many other cars that you can't control and anticipate what is going to happen. That is the main reason everyone should have bought a car insurance. How long do accidents affect insurance premiums?

There are many factors that insurance companies are looking at. They will look at your background and see if you have any accidents on your record. They will also look and see if you have any parking tickets. If you have accidents on your record, then you can look forward to paying higher premiums for a couple of years and you prove to them that you can be a safe driver.

These factors are part of auto insurance laws and the insurance company's rate plan. Your policy is going to rise dramatically if part of the accident you cause are from drugs or alcohol. That will generally result in an increase of about 20 percent to 40 percent on you premium on a period of six months. If your good driving history helped you get a better premium, that will be removed, so it will rise even more after the accident.

In every state auto insurance rates are different. Remember that even if you are in an accident, that doesn't mean that your insurance premiums are going to be higher forever. There is usually a period in which it is higher, which normally is around three years after the accident. That is not for every company, so you must check how it is for yours.

If you need cheap auto insurance coverage instantly, there are two very good and really fast options you should think of. First is to go online and search for low tax car insurances. This is very quick process, even if you are unfamiliar with the companies you come across, you can find some insurance sites giving you complete lists of companies for you region. After you do this, you have to provide basic information, what you are looking for and submit the form. The other way would be to consult an independent insurance agent, whom you will pay and he will find you the best offer after some time. Since he has experience he will do the job better than you, but you will have to pay him something, so that is additional money on car insurance.

Accidents really affect our insurance taxes, so we should be aware on that and check laws of our insurance companies about such occasions before we pick them. Everyone should have car insurance, no matter how safely he or she is driving, because someone on the road might not be as careful as you.

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